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De La Soul’s Latest Album Produces Another Video With A Dramatic Reveal At The End

It isĀ approaching a year since De La Soul's ...and the Anonymous Nobody album released. In the time since, there have been Grammy nominations, peaks on the Rap charts, and a plethora of talking points for the album crowd-funded by Da.I.S.Y. Heads back in 2015. De La Soul Make A Quirky... Read more

De La Soul Release One Of The Most Unique Songs They’ve Ever Recorded (Audio)

In 16 days (August 26), De La Soul will release its first full-fledged album since 2004's The Grind Date. and The Anonymous Nobody has many music lovers excited, following two album singles: the Snoop Dogg-assisted "Pain" and chaser "Royalty Capes." The third official look from the LP shows the evolution... Read more