Talk About Ambition… Charles Hamilton Freestyles… For Nearly 19 Minutes (Video)

Harlem, New York MC Charles Hamilton understands that it takes extraordinary measures to win back a fan-base after several years of hiatus, public mishaps, and some industry controversy. He seems

Logic Squeezes Everything He Possibly Can Out Of This Freestyle Opportunity (Video)

Today’s crop of artists really seem to love the moment. Logic is one of the nouveau stars who—no matter his place on the charts or the magazine covers, still hits

Freeway & The Jacka Spit Some Fire in the Booth (Video)

BBC Radio 1 continues its freestyle series with some Fire in the Booth from Freeway & The Jacka. Both go off the top quite a bit in this one and

Vic Mensa Kicks Freestyle Fire In The Booth For More Than 10 Minutes (Video)

Joining DJ/host Charlie Sloth on the BBC 1Xtra show, Vic Mensa ignites Fire In The Booth. The show’s series finds MCs kicking bars over some impromptu instrumentals. It’s unclear how

Joey Bada$$ & Kirk Knight Go Back & Forth In The Booth For 10 Minutes, Over Classic Instruments (Video)

Stopping in London recently, Pro Era’s Joey Bada$$ and Kirk Knight hit the recording studio for the “Fire In The Booth” series. Kirk gets a coming out party, noting that

Slaughterhouse – Fire in the Booth Freestyle (Video)

The Slaughterhouse crew go to work on that Numbers on the Board beat. Check out the video of their Fire in the Booth freestyle. Related: Slaughterhouse – Slaughter Sessions (Audio)