Picture Everything Great & Wrong About the ’80s in One Video Set to Wu-Tang Music (Video)

New York City-based store Turntable Lab and Adult Swim’s “TV Carnage” have come together to mash-up some ’80s and early ’90s-skewed pop culture, with a Hip-Hop slant, in quite a cool way.

Part DJ-themed, part VJ-themed, the resulting “War Inna Discoteca” is expertly beat-matched and synchronized to the instrumental from Wu-Tang Clan’s “Triumph.” Footage comes from House Party, Robocop, JuiceWild Style, and Beat Street, with some choice performances from ’90s Rap media darlings MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice to boot.

Back in ’97, RZA’s beat (which became an amazing video in its own right) had both futuristic and throwback qualities. So does this incredible use of technology to celebrate nostalgia, in mixed medium:

#BonusBeat: RZA was long rumored to be a background star in Beat Street, something he has since refuted.

Props to ego trip! for hipping Heads.

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