Keith Murray, Joell Ortiz, Chris Rivers & SKAM2? Vow No Sleep Til’ Success (Audio)

It can be incredibly easy to set a goal for yourself, and rest once you’ve achieved it. However, the music industry does not sleep—nor can many of those we live in it.

Joell Ortiz has a group personally handled by one of the biggest personalities in all of music. Keith Murray has two gold albums, and a career that’s lasted more than 20 years. Chris Rivers seemingly releases at least one new song or video per week, with a large contingency within Rap paying extra close attention. And SKAM2? has a new album of his own, and a history in Hip-Hop that involves Eminem, La Coka Nostra, and A Tribe Called Quest. All of that said, none of these men can sleep—until they’re dead.

That’s the theme of the major collabo on DJ EFN’s Another Time album. All four artists mull over their commitments together, unilaterally admitting that no one is quite where they want to be.

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