Rapper Big Pooh Shows 1 of the Scariest Things in Life for Black Men…Being Pulled Over By the Police (Video)

For decades, Hip-Hop has played a pivotal role as a voice for the people and especially so during tough, critical moments in United States history. Most recently, that role has come to the forefront due to consistent acts of police brutality and violence against, most specifically, young black men. That behavior has sparked tense social outrage, concern, and major protests all across the country.

Countless members of the Hip-Hop community, a la Killer Mike, have used their voices in the media as well as on the mic to express themselves in a safe, productive environment that catapults their ideas onto a much larger platform and to a wider audience. Rapper Big Pooh is another MC who has had enough and is using the power of music to spread the word.

“Stop,” is Rapper Big Pooh’s critical look at our country’s recent, troubled past, as the former Little Brother confronts racial profiling and the excessive force used by our nation’s officers over a somber yet soulful production from Apollo Brown.

Take a look and cop Big Pooh and Apollo Brown’s recently released collaborative project, Words Paint Pictures, from Mello Music Group.

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