Erykah Badu Has a New Mixtape Coming Next Week. What Will Its Future Hold?

Erykah Badu gave legs to Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” courtesy of her own, extended rendition. This was even before Drizzy’s meme mushroom-clouding video released. As her Soundcloud page alluded, many speculated that the interpretative cover would belong to a forthcoming mixtape. In a new interview with Noisey, Ms. Badu confirms that But You Caint Use My Phone is not only a real thing, but the mixtape will be arriving in the first week of November.

Although the Dallas, Texas native did not provide additional details surrounding her vocal tape (opposite her Fat Baby Bella DJ works), she did offer some insight towards which artistic contemporaries she’s feeling in 2015.


“I love Drake because he’s ever-evolving. He keeps forecasting what will happen. He pays attention to what’s going on and then he embodies it,” said the Universal Motown Records veteran. “I love Young Thug. He kinda does the same thing. I love [Odd Future]. The whole Tyler, the Creator camp. What they’re doing in music as a whole with Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt and The Internet.”

Having worked on Tyler, The Creator’s 2013 album, Wolf, she continued “[Odd Future has] created a movement, and I really admire that kind of thing because I think that’s what this generation is really going to be noted for. Pushing boundaries and recreating the things that we experimented with and taking them to a higher level.”

If covers are in fact a theme of But You Caint Use My Phone, what is something that you’d like to hear an Erykah rendition of?

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