Large Professor Demonstrates His Beat-Making Process. Watch The Master At Work (Video)

Large Professor is the latest producer to try his hand at Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette challenge. In the ongoing series, beatmakers are blindfolded, asked to pick 3 random records and tasked to produce a track using their selections. Past installments have included everyone from Just Blaze to Mannie Fresh to Erick Sermon.

Large Professor’s episode is one of the most comprehensive, yet. He starts by picking records by Shirley Scott, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, and Instant Funk, then goes to work. Before laying needle to wax, he has a hunch that music by Shirley Scott will be the backbone of the track, but he meticulously listens to all 3 selections and ultimately decides to incorporate elements from all 3. As he mentions later in the video, that is a deviation from his standard way of making tracks, using only one record. Throughout the process, he reiterates how seriously he is taking the challenge, stressing that he’s not going to just make “some bullshit.”

Once the track is near completion, he decides to put it to the ultimate test. He invites Tragedy Khadafi (pka The Intelligent Hoodlum) into the studio to add a verse to it. Tragedy kicks an off the top freestyle that’s right in the pocket, satisfying Large Pro that the track is “MC-ready.” Check out the master at work.

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