Redman Performs Mudface Songs For The 1st Time & Adds Some Classics (Video)

Redman recently promoted his Mudface album with an appearance on Sway’s Universe. There, the Newark, New Jersey MC connected with Sway, Brick City homie Heather B, and Tracy G for some “very original” interview questions, and an in-studio performance that had the hosts rockin’.

The segment begins with Redman breaking down meeting Erick Sermon in short-lived, “hood” venue, Club Sensations, in Brick City. Performing for both of EPMD, Red’ recalls Parrish Smith telling E, “That’s your K-Solo.” Reggie believes that if not, he would have ended up on the Hit Squad side of things, joining K-Solo and Das-EFX. Later in the interview, Red’ reveals why he and “The Letterman” (K-Solo) are really like brothers, and Funk Doc’s DJ is actually Dice from EFX. Redman also spits some of the verse that got him down with E-Double. At the time, he was more known for his DJ skills—for which he’s still getting paid handsomely.

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Further in the convo, Redman recalls going to Def Jam, pre-Def Squad days. He says Diesel Don fronted his group Revolutionary Posse Terrors (R.P.T.), which had ties to Lords Of The Underground’s DoItAll. Visiting Def Jam in its Bleeker Street office days, Red’ recalls auditioning, but not walking away signed. Approximately a year later, when he returned with Erick Sermon, he left being backed by Russell Simmons’ imprint. “[Success is] strictly on who you know: connections,” reflects Reggie. He also jokes about the $5,000 staff sushi lunches he witnessed at the label during Jay Z’s mid-2000s Def Jam presidency. He jokes about wine fountains and cheese platters, as his album pushes suffered. “…And I needed promotion.”

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Later in the conversation, Redman spoke about his commitment to staying true to his core. Admitting pressures to conform to pop-up trends, the MC touted, “I just say ‘Fuck that. I don’t wanna balance that with the new school.'” Redman said that selling out doesn’t even sell anymore. “No one is selling gold albums. No one is moving units. We just stay on the road and make dope albums.” With that, he reveals that he tells producers in his circle and those looking to work with him that he wants “a 1990-now” sound.

Redman joked about Kanye West’s famous 2013 Sway In The Morning appearance with delight. “Yeah, Sway… Mothafuckas don’t know, but Sway get hood. Sway will flip you on your head.” Redman’s laughing at Sway and Kanye’s tension is funny in and of itself. He also explained why groupies were better in the 1990s, versus today, and why he and Method Man are so tight. Heather B recalls visiting Redman in Brick City for a ’90s in-store signing, and bringing quite an original thank-you gift for taking her on tour. This one is a worthy-watch the whole way through.

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Closing out the segment, Redman then offers a world premiere performance. The MC does Mudface first single “Dopeman” and then LP outro, “Go Hard.” He is assisted by hype-man Marky, who Heads may remember as the cousin sleeping on Red’s floor in his “MTV Cribs” episode.

After working through the fresh 2015 material, Reggie Noble breaks out some Doc’s Da Name 2000 flavor for charged, ecstatic renditions of “I’ll Bee Dat” and cult-favored jam, “Da Goodness.” The whole studio breaks out into a Redman party.

What do you think of Mudface?

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