Fat Joe, Lord Finesse & Diamond D Keep That Crate Chemistry Strong (Audio)

Every Monday of 2016, D.I.T.C. has blessed Heads with new tracks. Today (March 21), the Diggin’ In The Crates crew may have unleashed the best yet. “Rock S**t” marks the lyrical return of Lord Finesse, whose witty and confident punchline-driven flow would be the blueprint for his star pupil, the late Big L.

Def Diggin’ It. Redman & Lord Finesse Kick A Freestyle Together (Audio)

Finesse, a highly accomplished DJ and producer (The Notorious B.I.G., Dr. Dre, Big L) has been reclusive from rapping for much of the last 15 years. This follows a storied career that includes three celebrated solo albums (one with DJ Mike Smooth). Alongside Diamond D and Fat Joe in 2-0-1-6, he proves that nothing but his records got dusty. Joe sets the Blues guitar-driven track (produced by Supa Ugly) off with boasts about D.I.T.C.’s status, before Finesse comes in to assault (and insult) the current game. Diamond closes things out with his own braggadocious slow-flow take on why the Bronx, New York-based collective wears the crown.

More than twenty five years after The Funky Technician, D.I.T.C. is proving their presence in a big way right now.

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