Hopsin Airs His Grievances With Funk Volume On “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 8” (Video)

Over the years, Hopsin has been known to play pranks on fans and the media. In December of 2014, he claimed he was retiring and moving to Australia, only to reveal a couple of weeks later that it was a gag and he had a new album on the way. Last Summer, while visiting Sway in the Morning, he and his Funk Volume crew challenged all other crews in Rap to a battle, and wagered $500,000. While there were some battle records exchanged with Horseshoe Gang, no money changed hands. So, when rumblings started surfacing late last year about tensions in the Funk Volume camp, it was easy to dismiss them as possible jokes or mere rumors.

In January, however, Dizzy Wright released a song called “Plotting,” making it clear that the rumors were true, and he was moving on with or without Funk Volume. In a release for the song, he stressed his desire to take the high road, saying “This past year I’ve dedicated time to learning more about life and the business and everything around me. I’ve surrounded myself with good, smart people and we’re learning from each other. And I’m always about keeping it positive so that’s why I called this project Wisdom and Good Vibes.”

Now, Hopsin, who co-founded Funk Volume with Damien “Dame” Ritter, releases his first song since the split, and he has taken a very different approach. On “Ill Mind of Hopsin 8,” he uses the video and song to put Funk Volume “on trial” and blast his former label and partner. Hopsin’s lyrics are excoriating and deeply personal. He launches allegations of financial improprieties, mismanagement and disloyalty, leaving no question as to what is on his mind these days.

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