Method Man & Redman Transform Into Beavis & Butthead And Rock Wilder (Video)

The mysterious Mylo The Cat, the creator of several mashups of Hip-Hop bangers with Muppet videos, has struck again. While not much is known about “Mylo,” over the years, the cool cat has seamlessly fused together visuals of Dr. Teeth performing as Wu-Tang Clan’s ODB, Gonzo performing as Digital Underground’s Humpty Hump, and many more. Now, Mylo has brought together two of America’s most beloved duos.

Alright, Stop What You’re Doing…The Muppets Do the Humpty Dance (Video)

Parting from the established motif of using Muppet characters, for the latest clip, Mylo turns to animation, using MTV’s iconic animated mischief-makers Beavis and Butthead as the vehicle. They are used to channel Method Man and Redman, in performing Red and Meth’s classic, “Da Rockwilder,” from their 1999 album Blackout! As spotted on OkayPlayer, the video perfectly meshes the two artists’ vocals with the lip movements and gesticulations of the two cartoon pranksters. Beavis transforms into Redman, and Method Man gets the enviable distinction of becoming Butthead.

Though the mashup is unofficial, it is likely 100% Red and Meth approved. Years ago, they spoke with MTV about their fondness for the TV duo. “Beavis and Butthead were as huge as a ‘South Park’ or a ‘Family Guy'” said Method Man. “I like that fact that they were two airheads that got in all kind of trouble without even doing a drug,” he added. Redman agreed, saying “They was just naturally high.”