Snoop Explains Why He Befriended Suge Knight After Knight Tried To Have Him Killed (Video)

Snoop Dogg was the latest guest on The Breakfast Club and, as is often the case, the OG shared a lot of game. Shortly into the discussion (3:45), the conversation turned to the current status of Snoop’s relationship with Suge Knight. Snoop said that he and Knight, who is currently in prison facing murder charges, are “real cool” detailing a several hours long conversation the two men had where they settled their differences. Snoop said of their acrimony, “It wasn’t never that he hated me. I just think he was disappointed that he couldn’t control me. When you got a record label and you got artists…I’ve done this before. You really want control of that artist, but some artists deserve their own control and their own lane, and you gotta give it to them.” Acknowledging that there was a time when Knight literally was trying to end his life, Snoop said “Hey man. I’m from the West Coast. It comes with the rules and regulations of the game. I knew the job was dangerous when I took it.”

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Having known Snoop at the time that Knight was trying to kill him, DJ Envy expounded on just how real the danger was. “It was serious. For everybody out there, Snoop had security guards. To meet Snoop back in the day…It was a vetting process. It was scary! If Snoop can forgive Suge, I think I might be able to forgive anybody.” It’s at that point that Snoop explained how he was able to overcome his ill will toward Knight, becoming deeply philosophical. “You gotta learn how to love yourself first. If you a loving person, you can’t go around hating people, ’cause then that’s not love. How could I hate him? Especially that he down now. This would be the perfect time for me to kick him, ’cause he all the way down. But, this is the time for me to be there for him and be his friend. Be love, ’cause you never know when you gon’ be down and out.”

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Much later in the conversation (25:58), Suge comes up again in the context of a possible film about Death Row Records. Asked if he would be involved with such a project, Snoop says “The only way I would do a Death Row movie is if me and Suge Knight told the story, through our eyes.” When Charlamagne inquires as to whether or not he would want Dr. Dre involved, Snoop responds, matter-of-factly “Wouldn’t need Dre’s eyes. Dre did Straight Outta Compton. It’s just because I feel like Snoop and Suge was the tension and the excitement of Death Row. If you told it through our eyes, then you would get what people want to see when it comes to Death Row. Dre’s eyes on Death Row wasn’t really what you want to see. That’s why he left. We was the ones who was makin’ it move and keepin’ it poppin’…We was dealing with the politics of gang bangin’, the politics of infrastructure being wrong. Some of my homies didn’t like his homies. Some of my homies shot at his homies. His homies shot at some of my homies…And, then we had to become cool. And, then we became uncool. Then he paid some of my homies to be down with him. That, to me, is the better story because, now, we cool now. So we could sit in a room and we could tell the truth on what it was and how we got to where we are now.”

Though Snoop’s thoughts about Suge are highly impactful, they are far from the only jewels he drops on Charlamagne, Envy and Angela Yee. He speaks about his efforts, with The Game, to rebuild relationships between the LAPD and local gangs (8:02), details the first time he met Nas and why his friends almost drew their guns on the Queens, NY rapper (16:10), and gives a fascinating explanation of why the South has had a “choke hold” on Rap for so long (23:30). It’s a rare interview of its length that is worth every minute.