Ab-Soul Hasn’t Forgotten Who Dissed Kendrick. This Black Hippy Goes To War. (Audio)

In February of this year, just hours before Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Awards grabs, Jay Electronica declared war. The Roc Nation veteran, who had stood beside K-Dot during 2013’s “Control” moment, turned his pen on his former partner. “Curse Of Mayweather” pulled no punches. The song was out to throw hay-makers, with lines like “Man, f**k these white people / My grandmother died at 82 scrubbing floors / And niggas still runnin’ around beggin’ for awards.” Besides Jay’s rhymes, the song also specifically referenced 11 Grammy nominations tied to the Compton, California MC.

Kendrick, busy collecting trophies, did not reply. However, it appears that the Black Hippy/Top Dawg Entertainment family did not forget Jay Elect’s outburst. On the “RAW (Backwards)” intro to Do What Thou Wilt. album (December 9), Ab-Soul puts the New Orleans, Louisiana veteran in his cross-hairs. Also in the song, Soulo brings up Troy Ave’s mocking Capital Steez’s death on the song “Bad Ass” in March. This moment intensified Ave’s ongoing beef with Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era. Notably, Brooklyn, New York’s Troy was also critical of Kendrick, calling him a “weirdo.” While Lamar may have a keep-it-moving take on jabs these days, Ab-Soul is out to enforce the respect.

At about 2:10 in “RAW (Backwards),” the veteran spitter lets off:

“Speakin’ of heroes / Four-seven shit, fuck it, fly to the beast coast / Just to sag down Troy Ave / Quotin’ king Steelo / I was like a swami / To Jay Electronica until he figured Dizzle wouldn’t admit he would body him for a milli / I told Kenny keep quiet, I’ma get ‘im / We don’t need dirt on your hands getting the keys to the city / You feel me? / It hurts when your O.G. / Who’s supposed to be a G-O-D / Is standing next to King Kunta feeling like Toby / Moose, what I gotta do, boy? / I’m just waiting on your cue to take ’em to school, boy / F**k all this wordplay / Top,  tell all these stooges I’m dangerous, keep away.”

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While Jay wanted answers from Kendrick, he’s got Soulo instead. Troy, recovering from a shooting, may not have expected this coming from TDE at all. As the lines indicate, the Carson, California MC told his Black Hippy brother to sit these ones out. After all, as of tomorrow, Ab will have four more albums than the artist dissing his partner. Having run in the same circle for years, this one hits the light. The chorus touts “we don’t want that wack shit no more.” The verses tell the rest of the story.

Several years after Ab said some controversial lines about Jay Z in “Illuminate” (that apparently went unanswered), the Roc Nation and TDE storyline builds. The next move appears to be on Electronica. As a note, these bars first appeared during a summer 2016 concert in Chicago.

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The song, which literally spells “war” also features Zacari.