Jay Pharoah Is Funny But This Freestyle Is No Joke (Video)

Jay Pharoah is not the first comedian who can imitate famous rappers and singers as part of his act. However, it is abundantly clear that the Virginia native is out to be the best. This past week, the former SNL cast member (who ranked #55 in Rolling Stone‘s all-time funniest actors on the show) stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s Whoolywood Shuffle show. There, Jay imitated at least three top-drawing musicians (see below), all while freestyling to beats. In these bars, the comic is able to use mimicry, with comedy, as well as some really crazy Rap skills. Most MCs would be proud to display these lyrics, in any delivery.

At the top, Jay flexes as “Slim Shady”-era Eminem over the “My Name Is” instrumental. At 2:00, he shifts into a Cassidy/Papoose-style of set-ups and heavy punchlines. In this segment, he specifically calls Cass’ his “idol,” who may also be the sort of spitter he is imitating here. At 4:30, he’s appears to go into 2010s-era Jay Z, or a 2 Chainz style (though his lyrics later reveal he sounds more like Lil Wayne). At 5:20, Pharoah addresses his departure from SNL, and why fans begged him to break out, all while rapping through it. By 6:30, Whoo Kid requests the Jay Z impersonation the comedian is known for. Over the “Drug Dealers Anonymous” instrumental, Jay imitates Jay with precise mimicry. There, he tells Shia LaBeouf that he’s got some Hollywood-turned-Hip Hop competition.

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At 8:45, Jay begins an impersonation of The Weeknd. He whines, and adds jokes that the Universal Records superstar sounds like Halloween sound effects, and cut his hair because it got too heavy. He dons himself “Weekday.” Later, in the closing moments of the 15-minute segment, Jay attempts to create a would-be Weeknd x 1990s Disney collaboration that has Whoo Kid and company falling out in laughter.

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Jay jokes afterwards, and says he accidentally begins doing a Silkk The Shocker imitation, thanks to his stutter. Then, he riffs a bit, weaving in some comedy on where his life is at in the last days of 2016, the same year he co-hosted the American Music Awards.