Remy Ma Is Out To Destroy Nicki Minaj. She Goes Back To Back With Another Diss Record (Audio)

Taking a page from the playbooks of Drake and Joe Budden, Remy Ma has released a second diss record aimed at Nicki Minaj, before Nicki could even respond to Remy’s savage attack over the weekend. On Saturday, Remy dropped “ShEther,” one of the most scathing diss records in Hip-Hop history. Commentators and fans alike were abuzz for days at the sheer brutality of the track. At 7 minutes long, Remy painstakingly sought to exploit any and all aspects of Minaj’s life, from allegations of her using ghost writers to naming people she’s supposedly slept with to detailing the negative effects her cosmetic surgery has had on her sex life. Remy even accused Nicki of supporting a pedophile, in reference to reports that Nicki paid for the wedding of her brother who is facing child rape charges.

Remy Ma Is Out To Ether Nicki Minaj. These 7 Minutes May Make Nick Lean Back (Audio)

Remy’s attack was in response to a number of verses Minaj had released thought to be aimed at Remy, including last week on Gucci Mane’s “Make Love,” though it may have been Remy that drew first blood with her rhymes on the remix of Phresher’s “Wait A Minute,” in November. In reality, there have been on again off again tensions between the two MCs for years, beginning with Nicki ‘s ascension while Remy served a prison term.

Did Nicki Minaj Just Turn All The Way Up On Remy Ma In This Scathing Diss Record? (Audio)

Whatever the cause, it’s clear the two now are at full scale war and Remy is seeking to all-out destroy her opponent. Tonight, she has released “Another One.” Using a cadence and track that are reminiscent of Nicki’s Young Money label-mate Drake’s “Back To Back,” Remy’s new record is more taunting than eviscerating like “ShEther” was. She says lines like “I swear to God, this chick a real fraud/I bet you wonder how I know your problems/It’s a lot of people that you really bothered/They was selling footage and you know I bought it.” While not footage, Remy has backed up that claim, by releasing a revealing photo of Minaj, that she claims is before Minaj’s plastic surgery on her butt.

Remy continues with the taunts later in the song. She says to Minaj, “Waited 4 days, ma, where you been/I came here in the ‘Rari playin’ Little Kim,” a nod to Lil Kim who also has thrown her fair share of barbs toward Nicki. Remy closes with an ominous warning. “And I’m waitin’ for a bitch to talk outta her neck/’Cause we got pictures, we got videos, and we got texts,” she menaces.

After “ShEther,” many have speculated that Minaj should not and cannot respond. Perhaps she will take another page from Drake’s book, in his back and forth with Joe Budden, and reserve her rebuttal for social media and other arenas.