Faith Evans Releases Rare Footage Of Tender Moments With Biggie In Her New Video

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On May 19, Faith Evans will release her new album, The King & I. Featuring a number of rare vocals from The Notorious B.I.G., the project is fashioned as a duets album between Faith and her late husband. After prior singles featuring Jadakiss and Snoop Dogg, Faith has released the album’s first video, “Legacy.”

Faith Evans & Biggie Celebrate Both Coasts On Collabos With Jadakiss & Snoop (Audio)

The song is an intimate look from Faith into her relationship with Biggie, and it explores the good and the bad. Faith addresses their status at the time of his death head on, in the beginning of the video. She uses footage from Joe Clair’s Rap City interview, Biggie’s last ever televised interview, where the MC says “We ain’t together no more. She just had a baby from me. We cool, though. We tight.” Also, in a move that likely was by design, the vocals Faith pulls for the song were initially used in a duet between B.I.G. and his paramour Lil Kim, titled “Would You Die For Me” and released on the posthumous Born Again album.

As the song unfolds, Faith sings lyrics like “I knew from the very first moment that you were a king fit just for a queen” and “I’m so happy to say that I know you. My whole life was changed instantly. And, I was willing to play my position when you made me your wife to be.” Rare home video footage of Biggie, with Faith and by himself, is sprinkled throughout, as well as vintage photos. Various people, including close affiliates like Lil Cease, are used to verbalize B.I.G.’s vocals.

In a statement, Faith said about the song, “If there were a title track for The King & I, it would be ‘Legacy.’ This song absolutely sums up the theme of the album.”