Chris Rivers Updates Brenda’s Got A Baby For A Soulful Ode To Single Mothers (Video)

On the crowded subway platforms of New York City, the sight of a mother carrying her child’s stroller up flights of stairs is commonplace. It’s but one example of the many hardships women face while raising a child with little or no help. In his latest video, Chris Rivers – who has New York Rap in his blood – takes on single motherhood, not as a slight to men but instead a celebration of the women who raise future generations amidst loneliness of all sorts.

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“Lord Knows,” in which Rivers raps things like “Father ain’t around like orphanage/Ironic ’cause your daddy wasn’t there to teach his daughter sh*t,” uses the 191st subway station in The Bronx for the opening segment to its video. Flashes of Tupac Shakur’s face are included, as well, surely a nod to his 1991 solo debut “Brenda’s Got a Baby,” which tackles a similar topic. In fact, the song’s hook includes more than one allusion to Pac (“Brenda had a baby from getting around/And ‘Hail Mary’ ain’t reaching the clouds/Heaven’s ain’t hearing it now”). Produced by Nacion, it’s an R&B-infused track that knocks as much as it soothes.

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In the video, Rivers and D-Block artist Dyce Payne lament the realities one young woman in particular faces, bemoaning the abandonment with which she has struggled, while offering her words of praise. There are some elements of millennial humor, as well, with suggestive emoji and social-media tropes framing much of the narrative.

“Lord Knows” will appear on Chris Rivers’ solo debut LP, DeLorean, available for preorder on and set to release on July 14. The album will feature Styles P and Sheek Louch, as well as Lil Fame, Oswin Benjamin, and Jarren Benton.