Rah Digga Rates Nicki Minaj’s Bars With Brutal Honesty (Video)

For years, Rah Digga has been one of Hip-Hop’s most respected lyricists and, perhaps, one of its most underrated, too. As such, she was a fitting guest on BET’s “Rate The Bars” digital series where MCs are asked to read lyrics written by other artists and rate them. To make things more interesting, the identity of the authors are not disclosed to the evaluator, which ostensibly leads to more honest critiques.

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For her turn in the judge’s seat, Rah Digga was…well, raw in her assessment of each set of bars. If this was the Rap American Idol, she would be Simon Cowell. Over the course of 4 minutes, she recited and rated rhymes by Redman, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Talib Kweli, Tyga and Nicki Minaj. Digga was equally glowing and harsh in her evaluations, giving out perfect scores of 5 and also handing out zeros. Her highest score, however, was reserved for her own pen game.

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Viewers may be surprised by the scores that Rah Digga gives to work by revered MCs like Busta and Talib. One of her coldest responses, however, is reserved for Nicki Minaj. After reading lyrics from Minaj’s “No Frauds” diss of Remy Ma, Digga says “I know this is Nicki. I get where she was trying to go with it…Even though it may sound well on the beat, it still has to read well. The syntax still has to make sense, so no. Nope. Zero.” Rah Digga also reads lyrics from Remy Ma, Nicki’s current rival, and the bars from her “ShEther” diss of Minaj are better received by Digga.

See how each of the others stack up in Rah Digga’s world.