Redman Rocks An Electronic Beat & His Verses Are Charged Up (Video)

While Heads wait on Muddy Waters 2, Redman charges up his 1000Volts project. The Def Squad MC’s group with DJ Jayceeoh gets a towering new visual in “Monster.” This is an Electronic group fronted by Funk Doc’s raps.

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In the video, Reggie rocks a Wu-Tang Clan shirt, warning to “Protect Ya Neck,” Red’ goes for the jugular. Drama ensues—including a masked dispensary robbery, an Uber ride gone terribly wrong, and more. The lyrics play into the visual: robbery).

Pump the volume and the bass / Pull the mask show my face / White America afraid of my race / Homicidal flow killin’ the place / All the way up / Stratosphere at my finger tips / I’m above you ni**as / Look at me now / Treat everything like a hair loss / I got plugs for ni**as / Ghetto certified credit / After the verse you might need a medic,” spits Red. He returns to make some timely commentary on a nation divided. In verse 2, he raps, “Yo, I am a monster / Before my umbilical I was a miracle / One of a kind, look in the mirror at me / And we are not identical / Get in the Porsche, turn it to Uber / Pick up a client, think I’ma shooter / Get to the bank, everybody hit the floor / That’s a Steady B maneuver.” While matching the words with images is one thing, Redman really sets the moment apart with some of his incredible writing. He treats this track just like all those quote-worthy album verses.

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The Porsche getaway driver is played by Canadian Dubstep producer Datsik. He is responsible for the song.

#BonusBeat: Recently, Red’s Gilla House artist released a new mix to his “Hate Runs Deep” single:

This video is part of Ambrosia For Heads‘ “Now You See Me” series.