Chuck D Speaks On The Flavor Flav Lawsuit. He Lovingly Checks His P.E. Partner

This past week, Flavor Flav sued Public Enemy co-founder Chuck D. That suit also accused P.E. management and longtime producer Gary “G-Wiz” in holding back royalties. In the suit, the Bronx, New York-born MC and reality TV star claims to have penned more than 50 Public Enemy songs and claimed he is not being compensated properly.

Flavor Flav Brings The Noise To Chuck D In A Lawsuit Over Public Enemy Royalties

As news of the suit broke, Flav clarified on Thursday (August 31) with a social media post stating that he loves Chuck D, and “we will fix it.”

Chuck D has responded publicly to the suit with a feature interview with HipHopDX. The Prophets Of Rage member acknowledged the suit’s merits, but apparently feels there is more to the story. “Flavor [Flav] isn’t 100% wrong, but he brings a lot of craziness and disorganization to the f*cking table, and that causes a myriad of issues that costs time and money,” Chuck D told DX. Previously, Flavor Flav has been arrested for charges ranging from domestic abuse to drug possession to driving offenses. In the 2000s, he gained mainstream recognition through several reality TV series. More recently, he opened a short-lived fast food restaurant franchise. Chuck continued, “His inability to be focused, pay attention and stay woke bleeds into other areas. Him and his manager [Greg Johnson] parting ways, to me, was a bad move. The new manager is amateurish in their decision making. I’m proud of Flav, but he’s a co-owner of the masters of these Public Enemy records. That doesn’t necessarily mean songwriting.”

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Later in the interview, Chuck did counter the reports of writing by one of Hip-Hop’s most famed hype-men. “What 50 songs?,” asked Chuck. “You can’t name 10. Trust me, I want [Flavor Flav] to write 50 songs. [He] can’t write 50 meaningless songs regarding Public Enemy. He’s 58-years-old. By now, he should know how to write a song that reflects his age. He’ll write a song that reflects a 21-year-old. You’re the old dude in the club.”

Chuck pointed that the suit involved his company Bring The Noise and Eastlink, who allegedly merged in 2007. He apparently believed he is accused simply because of his Bring The Noise stake.

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Chuck added, “I wasn’t upset about the lawsuit. Someone had to take the weight, but it doesn’t mean the third party should be negligent on accounting. Flav can be fixed. I don’t think my situation can be fixed as easily. There’s a series of individuals I’m very disappointed in. If things aren’t resolved very soon, I’m going to have to file a lawsuit of my own by October 1.” He did not provide details of his proposed suit.

In other parts of the DX interview, Chuck express frustration that some media outlets covered the suit after ignoring the group’s free album release this summer. Earlier this year P.E. released its Nothing Is Quick In The Desert (Except Death) album.