Lil Dicky Switches Bodies With Chris Brown & It Gets Freaky (Video)

Greater Philadelphia MC Lil Dicky is one of Hip-Hop’s new kings of concept. Clever ideas, thematic what-if’s, and narratives supported by nimble rapping made Professional Rapper a mass-success and a 2015 staff favorite at Ambrosia For Heads. He uses a stand-up comedian’s stroke of self-deprecation to enhance his presentation. This ranges from jokes about caricaturing himself as a basic white guy, admitting thriftiness, and no shortage of small anatomy references. When it’s come to videos, Dicky’s imagination tends to shine on a grander scale, whether the budgets are big or small.

David Burd launches a new campaign with “Freaky Friday.” Dicky’s first single of 2018 features Chris Brown, in a very big way. In the video, L.D. highlights his unusual place in Rap—a viral performer with a huge following… who is still not taken as seriously as he’d like. Couple that with some phallic jokes, and Lil Dicky explicitly wishes he could be somebody who his audience finds cool. After his latest embarrassing encounter, in a Chinese restaurant, he looks up to see Chris Brown on TV. Facing media scrutiny for his latest public infraction, Breezy sighs and tells reporters he just wishes he was somebody else.

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Both guys’ wishes are granted.

In the inventive video, David and Chris switch bodies. For Lil Dicky, it’s a plethora of pretty women, nonstop attention, a Ferrari, and all the trimmings of an A-list celebrity lifestyle. He’s got the abs (and other physical attributes), the dance moves, contacts in his phone, and newfound n-word privileges.

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For Breezy, it is going to take some getting used to in a different way. Chris Brown (voiced by Dicky) experiences a mixed bag: “Walkin’ down the street and ain’t nobody know my name / Ain’t no paparazzi flashin’ pictures, this is great / Ain’t nobody judgin’ ’cause I’m Black / Or my controversial past / I’ma go and see a movie, and relax / Ay, I’m a Blood but I can finally wear blue / Why’s his mama callin’ all the time, ‘leave me the f*ck alone, b*tch!’ / Wait, if I’m in Dicky’s body, Breezy is who? / I hope my daughter’s in school / F*ck, if I was Chris Brown, where would I be, what would I do?” Thus, he must find whoever is in his body.

Dicky raps Chris Brown’s part in the video, which makes no bones about Breezy’s speckled past, his gang affiliation, and the tragic truth of race relations in America. Both actors play their “reverse” roles quite well. Despite the voices being from one another, Chris takes on the Dicky persona, while the PA MC plays a guy who seems new at elite status.

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These reversed characters collide in a club setting. Lil Dicky smashes bottles on heads, bum rushes VIP, and is ready to scrap. Meanwhile, Chris Brown acts as the reasonable pacifist who wants cooler heads to prevail. The two characters settle it fast, and have fun together to close out the lighthearted video.

One of Hollywood’s favorite premises (even down to the film of the same name) gets the Hip-Hop treatment, over a grabbing DJ Mustard beat.