Kanye West Releases A Song That Proves Anyone Paying Attention To Him Is A Fool (Audio)

For the last week, Kanye West has had the internet on fire in both the best and worst possible ways. Seemingly every day, West has dominated the news cycle, with everything from epic announcements of new music produced by him on the way from Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Nas and himself, to professing his love and admiration for Donald Trump. Similarly to with Trump, many media outlets have covered his every waking move and word earnestly and without fail, whether for clicks or kicks, but not likely because any necessarily believed West was sincere.

Ambrosia For Heads has not fully abstained from the Kanye show. We were intrigued by his announcement that he was writing a philosophy book on Twitter. As preposterous as the proposition might sound on paper, initial tweets like “I recently did an interview where I placed a high value on time. Everything means nothing until you make it something. You are your validator,” seemed interesting. Similarly, any news about new Kanye West music typically is a notable event in Hip-Hop, particularly when it also involves Pusha, Cudi and Nas. We tended to draw the line with the political coverage, however, as it seemed to be obvious trolling.

Tonight, West has blurred even the line we’ve drawn, by releasing new “music”–with a philosophical title, no less–that also seems to fall squarely into the category of trolling.

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“Lift Yourself” starts off in a fairly promising fashion. It features an opening with a soulful sample reminiscent of Kanye’s earlier work. The message also seems to be inspirational, with lyrics like “We need to strive for more liberty. Lift yourself up on your feet. Let’s get it on.” The beat then kicks in, and right when it seems like Ye is about to start his verse, the song takes a shift into a more abstract turn. The vocals fall away and, eventually, West does speak, but only to say “What they don’t really realize though is…Next verse?? This next verse, though? These bars?? Watch this,” before launching into a whimsical verse of “Poopity scoop,” and other such “poopy” nonsense. Then entire song can be heard at the link below.

If it wasn’t before, it should be crystal clear now that Kanye West is trolling and, if he is crazy, it’s crazy like a FOX.