DJ Jazzy Jeff & MICK’s 9th Annual Mix Means Summertime Is In Effect Mode (Audio)

DJ Jazzy Jeff and MICK (fka Mick Boogie) are back with the latest entry of their Summertime mix series. Since 2010, the two kings of party-rocking have linked up to release the annual 4th of July mixtape inspired by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s hit single. These mixes, which began on CD when they started, blend the likes of Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, R&B, Rock, Funk, Jazz and Groove through multiple eras of music. That’s eight summers, and today marks their ninth mix.

Per tradition, each new Summertime mixtape begins with an exclusive track, then immediately flows through the classics, forgotten tracks and absolute bangers that remind us all of barbecue and sunshine.

Past DJ Jazzy Jeff & MICK Summertime Mixes

On Summertime Mix Vol. 9, the duo brings the heat once again. Kicking off the mix is this year’s exclusive cut, is Jeff’s close associate (and Trinity band-mate), Rhymefest doing a rendition of the aforementioned 1991 classic “Summertime.” Then the mix goes pulls Hip-Hop classics from OutKast, Slick Rick, Jackson 5, The Game, Beatnuts, Beastie Boys, House Of Pain, T.I. (in a fresh remix featuring Q-Tip), Michael Jackson, Amerie, and Stetsasonic, among others.

Fire up the grill, throw a backyard party and enjoy this classic part of any Hip-Hop Heads’ calendar.

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Earlier this year, Jeff released M3, the third and final inclusion in his Magnificent series.