Mickey Factz Serves Up A Next Level Freestyle Over 1 Of DJ Premier’s Best Beats (Video)

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Mickey Factz is renowned for his freestyle skills. The Bronx, New Yorker seems to just get better with these kind of bars with age—in addition to releasing some quality projects that show a different gift from the veteran MC. He battles beats like so many opponents left duffed out in his decorated past.

Appearing on the L.A. Leakers’ show, the DJ Sourmilk and Justin Credible had the B-X in mind when they provided M.F. with Showbiz & A.G.’s “Next Level (Nyte Time Remix)” instrumental (embedded below), as produced by DJ Premier. This moving 1995 composition from Goodfellas suits the former Jive Records artist quite well. He says that he specifically penned his verse and committed it to memory for this radio appearance. Heads have never heard it before, and the writer (for himself and others) vows that they never will again.

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Mickey’s penmanship and delivery (presumably not expecting this beat) dazzles. “I’m Shawn Kemp in the lane, fam / ‘Member that glove I had on? It’s in the same hand / Gary Pay-ton / I’m in the alley with spray-cans / I can snipe, but I’m good with the knife, that’s a Blade fan / You straight playin’ / Ask my bro’ Kendrick, he’ll say ‘damn’ / Ask Caitlin Jenner, she’ll say ‘man’ / Raw with the Rap moves / Steady goin’ off with the bars / No-pause / I wouldn’t stall in a bathroom / Broad in a chatroom / Got her in my ride, she my car-pet and she treat my balls a vacuum / Suck-ups with a lot of guilt / I got a MILF who head just incredible so her face got sour milk,” he spits, weaving in the hosts’ names.

The bars never stop, filled with wordplay. Later, he raps: “Size me up, y’all small and minimal / I’m XXL so check the source material / Freshman cover, every metaphor is visceral / Y’all got it all wrong, like eating pork in Israel / Every bar medicinal / Eleven-year-career so every song residual / Every thought is literal / My wife ring bling like it’s Cascade in it / Ya b*tch off of Backpage / You’re in last place, livid.” As the beat runs out, Mickey closes down his lyrical circus with a crescendo. In the song, he eludes to possibly going on tour with Royce 5’9 and Elzhi, while praising Nickel’s Book Of Ryan.

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This summer, Factz released an album called I Said Yo.

#BonusBeat: Because there is never a bad time to relive Show and A’s original:

This year Show released A Room Therapy. ‘Dre dropped The Taste Of AMBrosia.