Snoop Dogg Has 2 Words For Donald & Kanye. He Goes All The Way In (Video)

While visiting DJ Suss One’s Sirius XM Hip Hop Nation show recently, Snoop Dogg made some pointed statements about two polarizing figures in pop culture and politics: Donald Trump and Kanye West. In recent months, the two have drawn ire and comparisons to one another, much to the dismay of some Hip-Hop fans who feel West has become a supporter of a racist President. West has made some controversial statements in support of Trump and the two unlikely cohorts have, at the very least, a passing respect for one another. Coupled with his statements about slavery and what appears to be an effort to re-brand himself as a man of the people, West’s behavior has caused a lot of figures in Rap music to speak out against him. Similarly, Trump is arguably the least popular president in American history and even the suggestion that one supports his administration is a badge of dishonor.

Snoop has been vocal in his political dissent against the Trump administration and disappointment in his friend Kanye in the past. Last Fall, the Long Beach, California MC released “M.A.C.A.,” a tongue-in-cheek reference to the MAGA slogan popularized by the Trump campaign of 2016. Before that, he appeared in the video for a remix to BADBADNOTGOOD’s “Lavender,” in which he assassinated “Ronald Klump,” an obvious stand-in for Donald Trump, played by actor Michael Rapaport. In May of this year, Snoop appeared as a guest on The Breakfast Club, where he criticized West for having “no Black women in his life.” His argument was that his former Doggumentary collaborator’s questionable antics and viewpoints have gone unchecked by those closest to him (namely, his wife Kim Kardashian and her extended family) and would likely have never happened if his late mother, Dr. Donda West, hadn’t passed away prematurely and unexpectedly.

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Suss One first asked Snoop to comment on politics near the 13:00 mark of their recent interview, but first he made a comment about some of his fans. Before introducing the topic of Donald Trump, Suss One said “A lot of my fans get mad at me when I talk about him, but I think it’s safe to say most people in our culture do not rock with Donald Trump.” To that, Snoop says “You need to know that a lot of your fans is racists…I don’t give a f*ck. I’ll tell them straight up, ‘Mothaf*cka, if you like that ni**a, you a motherf*ckin’ racist. F*ck you and f*ck him.'” There is no softness in Tha Doggfather’s tone. He goes on to say he felt like Trump “drew the line” and there is no room left for any justification of his racist policies and personal ideologies. “Before him, there were no lines. Everybody was everybody. We respected everything…But, ni**a, when you drew the line..f*ck y’all then, ni**a. You and them. Kanye, too, ni**a. Don’t forget about him, too. F*ck you, too,” he says. “Throw him in the bag, too, ’cause he right in there with them.”

At 14:07, Suss One asks Snoop about the 2011 roast of Donald Trump aired by Comedy Central, in which Snoop was a contributing roaster. When asked if Trump appeared to be as racist back then as Snoop feels he is today, the rapper says “the devil never show you his face…the devil don’t never give it to you in the intro. The devil gon’ take his time with you. He’s gon’ milk you…then he gon’ flash on you.” But Snoop also says Trump is a symptom and not a cause of this country’s problems. “America’s based on racism. Let’s not get it f*cked up. [Donald Trump] ain’t making the rules. He’s their token guy. He’s the one that maintains stability. They got this ni**a [Barack Obama] out the White House and put some more White sh*t up in here, the way the sh*t was supposed to be…Obama trained the thought of ‘Hold on, we can all work together, so whoever the next President is gonna be, there’s not gonna be as much racism. We’ve gotten over the gay phobia, but this ni**a [Donald Trump] came in and re-insured all of it all over again.”

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Suss continues the political dialogue, asking Snoop if he thinks elections actually matter or if there are higher powers at play rigging everything. “I think elections do matter. I just think this particular election had a twist to it,” he says. He lists the Russian meddling scandal and the former Black president as reasons the most recent Presidential election was particularly troublesome. In his perspective, it all can be traced to America’s obsession with Blackness but its refusal to embrace Black people. “When we were kids, no White kids wanted to be Black. None of ’em. Now? Braids. Tattoos. Slang. What do you think that’s doing to their people up top?,” he asks rhetorically about systems of White power who are scared of losing power. “If they actin’ like ni**as, then they gon’ be lookin’ out for ni**as,” says Snoop.

Earlier in the interview, Snoop Dogg recalls the way he courted his wife. The husband of more than 20 years and the father of four opens up about the couple’s earliest days and relationship protocol. At 8:00, Snoopy also confirms a recent revelation from Kurupt on The Breakfast Club, that Dr. Dre was shot in both legs during the Death Row Records days.

He covers the event while addressing the new Rap generation. “The new generation is still real, but there’s more cameras. Like, we didn’t have all these cameras. If I had a problem with you, ni**a, I’ma run up on you and I’ma take care of you. And there wasn’t no cameras there to get it. Now it’s cameras and it’s lawsuits. Listen to that word, lawsuits, from you tough-ass ni**as, point ni**as out in court,” he says. “If I got shot at, I ain’t say nothing. ‘I don’t know who did it. Nah, it wasn’t them. Nope.’ This era? Ni**a, I’m tellin’ on you before I even [seek revenge].” Suss One mentions Dre being shot. “Yup, and nobody knew nothin’, until Kurupt said so…we never said nothing. Kurupt wasn’t even there; I was physically standing next to Dr. Dre when he got shot. [We] never said a word. We took that on the chin; he lived.”

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Suss One also asks Snoop if he and Dre will make more music together. “I would love to make more records with Dr. Dre. But I have to be on his time schedule, so depending upon whenever he wants to do it, I’ma be available. I’m not signed to nobody. I don’t have no deals with nobody. I work accordingly, when I want to. I just finished up the soundtrack for Meet The Blacks Part 2.” Snoop appeared on Dre’s last album, 2015’s Compton.