Torae Freestyles His Responses In His Sway Interview. THIS Is A True MC (Video)

This morning (October 11), Brooklyn, New York MC Torae released his latest project, All Praises Due. Dropping on his Internal Affairs Ent., the rapper, radio host, podcaster, and actor teams with producer Praise for an eight-track effort that offers a pure Hip-Hop display.

This week, the Barrel Brothers co-founder stopped by Sway In The Morning. Tor’ tried something different; he is a guest who answers his the questions of the interview in the form of freestyle verse. At 1:40, the MC who has worked with DJ Premier, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Masta Ace, and Phonte begins an explanation of his place in the game. Sway tells the Shade 45 audience that he is going to show them what a true MC is, declaring, “Let’s get right to it.”

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Torae responds, “I’ma get right to it / My write’-infatuation is fluid /Double-pump action, retraction is how I do it / Sway In The Morning is who I bring in with my crew’in / You know what I’m doin’ / I’m still ‘Parker Lewis’ / I mean ‘Parker Lewis,’ my ni**a, I couldn’t lose it / Microphone spazzin’ / We grad’in, is how I do it / Once you put the beat on / I put the heat on / I put the street on.

With Heather B beside Torae, Sway carries on an interview as he would with any of his guests. From how Torae feels about fake MCs, to the shift from listening methods to providing some background about his producer, the replies are all off the top of the head, in freestyle-form.

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Sway asks Torae about new-school MCs who disrespect their elders. “Sway, oh no, no, no / Disrespect is never respected / Never can check it / You see an O.G. you take your hat off and salute that man / Go and recruit that man / Put that man on your team get loot with that man.” Sway flips the same question to older artists who disrespect the new guard. Tor’ smiles and reacts, “Listen, respect’s a two-way-street / So when you see that youg  boy spittin’ new-boy-heat / Give that man a dap, too / And let that man know that you started that Rap, too / And let that man know that you can get them snaps, too.

The questions get topical too. Sway asks Torae, “did you see what Vic Mensa said?” referring to a recent taping of a BET Hip Hop Awards freestyle including an apparent diss to XXXTentacion (and other male artists who have been accused of physically abusing women) with the slain rapper’s mother in the audience. DJ Scheme and others took umbrage with the words. Following the incident, Vic extended an apology to XXX’s mother, but maintained his position. Torae weighs in, “I saw what Vic Mensa said / A lot of people comin’ at that boy head / Now all I can do is respect the dead / But at the same time, I can respect what son said / You nah’mean? So when you on this earth / Walk around this turf and respect this turf / Definitely respect the women, they’re the ones who give us a life / So don’t do nothing disrespectful and trife.

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The impromptu bars go on until the 7:00 mark, showing an MC who can wear many hats—while always remaining a pure lyricist. Torae promotes his All Praises Due album in a way that few MCs could, and possible no other rappers ever have.

For more than a decade, Torae has been putting in work. He uses his skills to show anybody unaware that he is deserving of so much more praise.

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