It’s Official. DMX Has Been Released From Prison.

UPDATE: It’s official. According to CNN, DMX is once again a free man. After spending a year in prison, Earl Simmons was released from Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution in Glenville, West Virginia, earlier today. Now that X is free, fans are hopeful that he and Swizz Beatz will finally release the album they’ve had recorded for a few years now. In April of 2017, Swizz said of X’s new music that it would change the game. “I got a lot of good news for [DMX fans] this year. His album is crazy. And I promise you, it’s going to change the game, and I don’t say that lightly. It’s gonna go from the streets to the Grammys.” Even before DMX’s latest legal troubles, Swizz already was lamenting his longtime collaborators ongoing troubles, saying “to see my brother that I started with not be where he should be, it f*cks with me every night.” Hopefully, today marks a fresh start for Dark Man X.

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Last March, DMX was sentenced to one year in prison for tax fraud. The rapper born Earl Simmons was visibly emotional as he received the judge’s order, which came after the former superstar played the courtroom his song, “Slippin’.” He told the bench, “I never went to the level of tax evasion where I’d sit down and plot…like a criminal in a comic book.”

Less than one year later, DMX is returning to the streets. The release is expected to take place tomorrow (January 25) at 9 am EST. Vulture confirmed with Simmons’ attorney, Murray Richman. The lawyer added, “I spoke to [DMX]; he’s very happy. He’s looking forward to being home. He’s never been hotter than now — people have been seeking him out all over.”

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Vulture investigated the release date with the Bureau Of Prisons press office. While the 48-year-old rapper’s release date is Sunday (January 27), the publication confirmed that advances are regularly made to accommodate weekday releases.

The Yonkers, New York representative will be under three years of supervision upon his release. The incarceration followed a November 2017 guilty plea from X, who owed a reported $1.7 million in tax liabilities. The rapper who regularly performs despite not releasing an album since 2012’s Undisputed, was reportedly receiving appearance fees in cash to avoid tax debt. However, things intensified when X failed to meet court-ordered drug treatment, and tested positive for Oxycodone and cocaine.

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DMX has been in and out of detention centers, jails, and prisons for more than 30 years. The current stay will have been the longest single sentence since the rapper rose to fame in the late 1990s.