Stream The New Good People LP. It Features Great Guests Including Large Pro & Lil Fame

The Good People are two Hip-Hop purists. Together, DJ/MC Emskee and producer/MC The Saint make music with throwback sensibilities that refuses to pander. The music feels good, is accessible and it sounds really good. That is especially true of Good For Nuthin’, the just-released LP that features Large Professor, M.O.P.’s Lil Fame, Brand Nubian’s Sadat X, the Cella Dwellas, and Kool DJ Red Alert.

Their fourth album follows a trajectory of limited edition vinyl releases, label partnerships, and past collaborations with Prince Po, JR & PH7, and others.

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Well, it took more than a half decade to record their proper follow-up to 2012’s Gone For Good, but on January 15 this twosome shared their fourth album, Good For Nuthin’, and was it was worth the wait. They clearly took their time putting this LP together. From the head-nodding beats that are so much more than just simple loops (listen to the vibraphone solo on “Get Up” for reference), to the lyrical fitness, to the uplifting messages, it’s obvious this was a labor of love for these two grown-up B-Boys. The guest line-up here also illustrates that they respect good Hip-Hop from any era.

On “Self Destruct” The Good People straight up channel B.D.P., while on “This Far” they tackle the ridiculous state of the music industry with the Cella Dwellas help, and “Mahalia” is full of social commentary that should be mandatory listening in schools. Regardless of how dope those joints are, the pinnacle of this offering are the two celebrations of Hip-Hop music and culture, “Headphones” (with captivating production) and “Off The Block.” The former, a video single (embedded below), captures the listening experience that has connected so many of us to great music amid challenging times.

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Photograph provided by The Good People.