Layzie Bone’s Migos Diss Record Is Thuggish Ruggish

Last month, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony co-founder Layzie took strong umbrage with Migos member Offset. The Grammy Award-winning Cleveland, Ohio MC responded to the Georgia rapper’s continued claims that he, Takeoff, and Quavo are the greatest group of all-time. L-Burna wanted receipts for the statement, and welcomed a battle to see if Migos could prove themselves better than B.T.N.H.

Offset responded to Layzie, bringing finances into the competition. As Cardi B’s husband said that Layzie had inferior wealth, the former Ruthless Records artist insisted that this is about skills, not bills. The artist who also suggested that Migos sampled some of the Bone Thugs style, wanted a battle and issued a formal challenge to Offset, whether rapper-to-rapper or crew-versus-crew.

Layzie Challenges Migos To Battle Bone Thugs-N-Harmony To See Who’s Best

On Christmas Day, Layzie dropped “Let Me Go Migo.” That offensive, embedded below, garnered nearly half a million listens, as L-Burna vowed to “protect my throne” while declaring that “as long as I’m livin’ I’m second-to-none.” The dispute grew a bit more serious when Bone Thugs band-mate Bizzy Bone apparently brandished weapons on social media while addressing Migos and others in an odd incident.

After a few days, the conflict has heated up once more with definitive lyrics. Layzie Bone launches the second musical attack on Migos with the aptly-titled “Annihilation.” “Who them ni**as who said they want it in a battle? / Man, there ain’t no competition, and I sewed ’em like a cold-cut / You know what? Ni**a, this here a cold cut / You got served by a skinny ni**a biggin’ up / Bag it up, pick it up, boy, I’ll snatch your pride from ya’ / Annihilation is a must if we collide, homie,” spits the MC in the opening seconds. He shouts out Cleveland before giving up a melodic chorus over the Trap beat.

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In the third verse, Layzie comes back to his opponents with a full run-down. “You ni**as callin’ me ‘trash,’ man, I’m not surprised / What you’re really trying to do is ostracize / Trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the young and the wise / Tryin’ to do the Biggie Smalls and get ’em hypnotized / But I rise to occasion / Look at the equation / Why is my opponent really good at the evadin’? / Recent situation / I was never hatin’ / You were the ones that made the proclamation / I’m so weak I’m supposed to agree? / Like ‘them ni**as is the best, they as good as can be’ / Nah, ni**as, y’all clowns, you ain’t f*ckin’ with me / And word around town that you’re duckin’ the G / Can anybody tell me what my age got to do with it? / I’m lookin’ good, feelin’ better, lil’ stupid b*tch / Eazy died of AIDS and it damn near ruined sh*t / I ain’t ’bout to stop until I feel like I’m through with it.” The MC then salutes all those trying to improve their craft, young and old.

Migos released Culture II in 2018. Meanwhile, Layzie independently released several projects, including Law Of Attraction.

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#BonusBeat: Layzie Bone’s “Let Me Go Migo”: