D.L. Hughley Calls Out Those Who Hate R. Kelly But Excuse Michael Jackson

This week, D.L. Hughley was a guest on both The Breakfast Club and Sway In The Morning. The 56-year-old Los Angeles, California native is returning to television with Uncensored. Premiering on TV One next week, the talk show will confront the issues of the day head-on, and reportedly without compromise. In his Breakfast Club conversation, D.L. is adamant that he apologizes for nothing, including a 2019 social media confrontation with fellow actor Terry Crews regarding the latter’s sexual assault. Additionally, the Kings Of Comedy alum confronts this year’s renewed interest in the sexual allegations against R. Kelly and Michael Jackson with some cutting insight.

Following January’s blockbuster Surviving R. Kelly documentary on Lifetime, R. Kelly has been dropped by his longtime record label and currently sits behind bars. His charges related to new evidence on allegations of sex with underage girls as well as unpaid child support. Despite these 2019 developments, the former superstar points to the fact that he “beat” cases related to child pornography and accusations of pedophilia in the past. He used that word with Gayle King on an explosive CBS This Morning interview that aired earlier this week.

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Meanwhile, less than a week ago, Leaving Neverland aired on HBO. This documentary includes accounts from two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, on Michael Jackson molesting them as children during the 1980s and early 1990s. The documentary featured graphic accounts of sexual abuse and rape. Jackson’s estate has condemned the doc and vehemently maintained the “King Of Pop’s” innocence, after two separate trials, including one shortly before the entertainer’s 2009 death.

Appearing on The Breakfast Club, D.L. Hughley accused the masses of a double-standard surrounding these two high-profile issues. “I think it’s obvious that [R. Kelly is] a pedophile. But it says more about our society that it took a Lifetime movie for us [to change our minds],” begins the actor and comedian at the 7:00 mark. “Like, the charges that he’s facing are from [more than a 15 years ago]. Like, it didn’t become horrible ’til you had a documentary about it. Like, our compassion is directly attached to our remote.”

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However, during a week where R. Kelly’s public image continued to crumble as he was taken in custody, Hughley feels many of those who hold Kelly in contempt are defending Jackson. “People get mad at me for saying this: if you’re mad at R. Kelly, you gotta be mad at Michael Jackson. And it says a lot about society that all [those allegations happen for years], and then, when there’s a documentary [on our televisions], we get our rage.” Hughley adds humor to his serious point. “I don’t care what you say about either [R. Kelly and Michael Jackon], what’s fairly obvious, [whoever you believe], they’re both sh*tty babysitters. Horrible babysitters. [Laughs] Listen, I’ll listen to your music, but I’m not gonna drop my kids off at your daycare center; that ain’t gonna happen.” However, in the same breath, Hughley declares, “And then people go, ‘how could you listen to Michael Jackson and R. Kelly’s music after all the horrible things that they did? How could you sing those songs after all the sh*t they did?’ The same way I can sing the f*ckin’ national anthem.” Francis Scott Key, who wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner” in 1814, was a controversial lawyer and slave owner.

At 7:00 in the Sway In The Morning conversation (embedded below), D.L. builds on his point regarding society’s longtime hesitation. “Look at the dates of [these] charges: 20 years ago. You knew it 20 years ago! Whether you think Michael Jackson did it or not, it’s inappropriate for a grown man to be in bed with kids; we knew it was happening!” He adds, “It’s only because somebody is staggeringly talented that we’re even having this conversation. If that dude [had] the same predilections with another occupation, you wouldn’t tolerate it. But society does. We do it in the Catholic Church; they do it in the Boy Scouts. Whatever you get your high from, you let [officials] brutalize our children just because of what they do. Like there’s a thousand priests that we know molested children; where they at? They should be in prison too.”

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Speaking to Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy, Hughley says, “Here’s the thing: R. Kelly and Michael Jackson were the same kind of person in that they both got in trouble for that thing and couldn’t stop doing it. There’s gotta be some kind of drive…like R. Kelly [makes bail] and goes right to the [Chicago] McDonald’s where he was pickin’ up girls? Come on.” The comedian suggests the fact that both Kelly and Jackson were isolated from and shunned by their families raises grave concerns. Members of R. Kelly’s family participated in the Lifetime documentary, executive produced by dream hampton.

“I don’t know what happened, but I think it says a lot about our society that the things that offend us were always there and we waited ’til we could DVR it,” he says. However, he also points to racial dynamics. “And I am tired of it only being Black [scandals]…enough of this To Kill A Mockingbird sh*t, let’s get some white people [investigated too].” Pointing to the Catholic Church protecting officials who have been widely accused of molestation, Hughley states, “I don’t care if you pop your collar or wear one, if you’re f*ckin’ kids, you should go to jail.”

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The Breakfast Club conversation continues. Both D.L. and Charlamagne Tha God recall older women sexually assaulting them when they were underage. The discussion leads D.L. to address a January issue with Terry Crews. Online, D.L. expressed skepticism that a strong man could tolerate being molested by another man. Crews responded to Hughley, threatening him physically for speaking on the personal situation.

“Here’s the thing: where I grew up, I was the last one picked for a game [and] the first one picked for a fight. So there were certain things I knew that if you did to me, I had to fight you. My problem with [Terry Crews] wasn’t with what he did; it’s [what I would have done]. You’re not gonna be my agent and touch my d*ck; you’re not gonna do it.” D.L. admits that he chased people on his management during disputes far less serious. “There’s sh*t you can’t do to me.” He states that his problem with Crews’ account is the principle. Then, Hughley takes umbrage with a community that stands by the former NFL player. “What I really resent is how come those same people that are all up in arms about [Terry Crews] being groped don’t get just as mad when a dude that size gets shot? If he was parked in front of their house, them same people in #MeToo and #RightOn [saw that], they’d call the police on him. So stop this fake bullsh*t about how it’s toxic masculinity.”

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Elsewhere in the conversation, Hughley discusses his upcoming TV One series and addresses the current candidates running in the 2020 presidential election.

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