Scarface Says He Is The GOAT MC & Explains Why

Last month, Justin “The Company Man” Hunte published a special video breaking down his personal “Top 5, dead or alive MCs” list. In the visual essay, the prominent video personality, host, and member of the Ambrosia For Heads team explains his choices, which he asserts are purely music-based.

“These five artists all have the highest replay-value for me. All represent what I love most about the art of MC’ing. Artists, students, fans ask me all the time, what do I deem most important when it comes to music? What do I look for in rappers? The answer: voice and imagination—how someone sounds when they find a different way to say something that’s been said a million times throughout history. These five artists exemplify those two qualities.”

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Hunte explains the following ranked list:

#5: Tupac Shakur
#4: JAY-Z
#3: Kendrick Lamar
#2: Lupe Fiasco
#1: Andre 3000

This week’s episode is a roundup responding to fans. In the video, available at AFH TV, Justin Hunte also crosses paths with the MC he says he puts at #6: Scarface. At an event, Brad Jordan asks the host (who made an entire 2017 TBD episode praising the Geto Boys member as a G.O.A.T.-worthy MC) about his rankings.

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At the 7:00 mark, Scarface says, “When you put me in that class, I’m not offended. But after 30 years, 30, 30, and I sold a few million records too—and I’m always f*ckin’ consistent. Not once have I done anything outside of what I was supposed to do. Is that right?”

“100%,” responds Hunte.

“So I’ma move me from #6 to #1,” asserts the Houston, Texas who also produces, DJs, and plays guitar.

Not one to debate a legend on his resume, Hunte replies, “I’m wit’ it.”

Scarface continues, “I’m talking about consistency, my ni**a. The ni**a mean. Alright?” Even at planting his flag at #1, Scarface shows love to a peer. “And my favorite rapper’s Nas. Again, the ni**a mean, like mean!

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Scarface and Nas worked together on 1997’s “East Coast / West Coast Killaz,” 1999’s “Favor For A Favor,” 2002’s “In Between Us,” 2009’s “Yacht Music,” 2012’s “Hip Hop,” and 2015’s “Do What I Do.”

In 2018, Facemob worked with Awar, Parliament, and Killa Kyleon.

The full TBD episode can be watched on AFH TV. We are currently offering free 30-day trials.