Gifted Gab’s New Album Showcases Her Talents For Rapping AND Singing (Audio)

Gifted Gab broke through in a major way when she dropped her Blimes Brixton-assisted song and video for “Come Correct” early last year. It was the biggest moment to date in a career that stems back to 2015’s Girl Rap, work with Nacho Picasso, Mic Capes, and Vitamin D, along with guest appearances to the top of the decade. Recently, Seattle, Washington’s self-proclaimed “Queen Of Rap” has released a steady stream of music and performed at some of the top festivals and events, including Austin City Limits, Hiero Day and Bumbershoot. Today (April 20), Gab (a play on her first name, Gabrielle) releases her newest project, Cause & Effect, and it shows her vocal range in a multi-faceted career that is lighting up.

The 4/20 holiday release opens with a PSA warning for folks to stay away from lousy bud. The 10-track LP is an accompaniment for those looking to elevate their minds. However, even more so, this work delivers for Hip-Hop Heads looking to elevate their playlists. The work shows that while Gifted Gab is committed to blistering battle-style bars, she can handle her own melodic choruses with a gift for singing too (see: “Gotta Do” and “Don’t Play With Me”). Meanwhile, “AND 1 / Hurricane G” pays tribute to the Def Squad affiliated veteran MC in a two-part song with the kind of Rap display worthy of AND 1 mixtapes. Just like her inspiration, C&E shows that Gifted Gab has an ill crossover in her repertoire, and cannot be contained. The track features some strong turntablism to boot, as a cutting transition between two segments. For fans of the mid-’90s brand of blunted boom-bap, this is grade-A Rap. The 10-track effort looks at Gifted Gab’s search for a proper partner, her commitment to her peers in the Hip-Hop grind, and looking for the perfect blunt, 4/20 and otherwise.

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The EMPIRE-distributed LP contains no features and sole production from Antwon Vinson. The first five tracks are considered the A-side and more familiar to those who have been fans of Gab’s since her beginnings, while the B-side features a newer side of the SEA MC, highlighting the harmonies and range. The body of work also features guitar and bass play by Max Watters and Andrew Imanaka, respectivelt, Medearis Dixon on keys, DJ Vega on the Technics, and Vinson conducting the group.

As a physical component of today’s LP, Crane City Music is releasing Cause & Effect on transparent red vinyl, representing blood and love, analogies for its twin sides. One thousand copies were pressed up.

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Gifted Gab has some upcoming tour dates, including an April 18 stop at Echoplex in Los Angeles, an April 28 stop at The Crocodile in Seattle, and an appearance on Memorial Day weekend at Soundset 2019 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Photograph by Enkrpyt Los Angeles  provided by Gifted Gab.

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