Bun B & His Wife Give A Detailed Account Of The Shootout In Their Home (Video)

Last week, the Hip-Hop community was stunned when reports surfaced that Bun B had been involved in a shootout in his home. A masked intruder had entered the UGK MC’s house, held his wife Queenie at gunpoint, and attempted to steal his car. Now, a week later, Bun, Queenie and their attorney sit with The Breakfast Club and give a blow by blow account of the harrowing experience.

Bun B Shoots An Armed Masked Man Trying To Rob His Home

Queenie begins the story, as she was the first to encounter the intruder. “At the moment, it was unreal,” she says. She and Bun had just returned home. Bun was in the bathroom and she was putting away dishes when she noticed a man crossing their driveway. She assumed it was someone delivering a package, and approached the door when the doorbell rang. When she looked out the window, she did not see anyone and began to open the door. While she is recalling the details, Bun interjects that she never typically opens the door. He asserts that he does so out of concern for her and notes that he used to customarily open the door with a gun in hand because he rarely has unexpected guests at his home.

Bun expands on why he makes a practice of answering the door, saying “I never allow her to answer the door. I always want to be the one who has to confront whatever threat comes to my house. For me, the thing that drives me crazy is the fact that I spend my whole life addressing the threat. I believe in positive energy and good vibes and karma and all of that, but this was random. This wasn’t something that was coming directly for me. So, you still have to be prepared for whatever may happen.”

Bun then details how Queenie was the one who sought to protect him in the beginning of this encounter. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t the one that had to confront him in the moment. She was. And, I’m so proud of her for how she handled herself. Her only thought was to protect me, because in the moment, her assumption is that this person has come to get me. She doesn’t know it’s a random act, at the time. So, she thinks this person has come to kill me. So she’s like ‘I need to hold this person here until Bun can get to the gun. And, even if he kills me, I know Bun’s going to kill him.’ But, usually the two people that would die in this situation would be me and her.” Bun later says Queenie is the hero because if she didn’t stall the intruder, he would not have been able to get his pistol.

Bun says he was literally on the toilet when he heard the commotion downstairs. He hopped off to get his gun and doesn’t even realize that he is naked from the bottom down or, in his words, “in Winnie the Pooh mode.” Queenie returns to how the gunman entered the house. As she opened the door to retrieve the package she believed had been delivered, the assailant revealed himself. “When I looked up, he had the gun right here,” she says, motioning to the middle of her forehead. “He was backing me back and, at the same time, locking the door. He was trying to lead me up my steps, and I was like ‘I can’t go up these steps, because he’s going to catch Bun on the toilet, [and then] both of us gonna be dead. He’s got to [only] kill one of us.'”

Queenie then intentionally fell to the bottom of their steps and slid to the floor, hoping to distract the man. She curled up into a ball, but every time she looked up, the intruder pressed the gun right to her forehead. “The barrel of the gun was so cold, and he had it in a black gloved hand,” she says, remembering the experience with vivid precision. “He had two gloves on, but one was blue and one was black.”

The man then began telling Queenie to give him everything she had, and threatened to kill her. He also kept glancing at a nearby bedroom, and she began to fear that he intended to sexually assault her. “When I seen him looking towards the bedroom, I started saying ‘Just take my car,’ because I didn’t want him to take me in that bedroom and rape me and do whatever he wanted to do.”

Shortly after that exchange, the robber heard Bun’s footsteps upstairs as he was trying to retrieve his gun, and demanded to know who else was in the house. When Queenie responded that it was her husband, the intruder threatened to kill her again if Bun came downstairs. She then screamed “Bun, don’t come down.” When the man heard her say “Bun,” he was startled, perhaps in recognition of who her husband was, and then he asked Queenie for the keys to her car.

The masked intruder took the keys and then headed to their garage, in an attempt to steal their car. By this time, Bun had gotten to his own gun and headed downstairs to intervene. Queenie pleaded with Bun not to follow the robber into their garage, but the man born Bernard Freeman was determined not to let the man who had threatened his wife go. “I don’t know what’s on the other side,” says Bun of the garage door. “So, I just open the door and I look and I don’t see the garage doors up and I don’t see a person. Then, I look in the car and I see his head and his body turn back towards me, and that’s when I just let that thing go,” he says of firing his pistol.

At this point, Bun’s attorney, Charles Adams, chimes in saying that if Bun had performed the same actions in New York, he would have been charged by the police. However, in Texas, people are not required to retreat in their own homes when there is an intruder. Adams goes on to provide more details about the altercation. After Bun shot at the man, the man returned fire and the man fled the scene, discarding his gun. Bun got dressed and pursued him. Bun caught up with the man, who had been wounded in the exchange of shots, and demanded that he remove his mask. Bun says he told the man “If you take this mask off and I know you, I’m going to kill you.” At the time, he did not realize the man had been shot, but, several hours later, the man checked himself into a hospital to receive care for gunshot wounds, and that’s when the police arrested him.

Adams goes on to say how incredible it is that the gunman wasn’t injured more severely or killed. “That’s what’s amazing. So, he’s sitting in the front seat of that Audi. Bun’s shooting a .40 [caliber gun] with hollow points. He hits the headrest twice. They expand and stop, in the headrest. Hits the back of the seat four times. They expand and stop. The dude should have just been…American car, you’re filled with bullets, but Audi? I don’t know. But, the guy shot back. It was a legitimate gun battle. Bun only pulled the trigger when he sees the dude turning around.”

Bun picks the story back up again, from there. “I shot like five times. And then, I took like a step closer to see if I hit him, because I’m like ‘I know I got him.’ And then I heard like a ‘pop,’ but it wasn’t like what I was poppin’, because my gun was loud,” he says with emphasis. After that, Bun fired the rest of the clip into the car. “I let the rest of the clip go, and he falls out of the car and throws his gun down and starts pleading for his life. I would have shot him again but, that one bullet I ejected out of the gun would have killed him,” he says, referring to a bullet he ejected when he initially cocked the gun to make sure one was in the chamber, before coming downstairs.

Later in the conversation, Bun speaks to the trauma he and Queenie have suffered, in the aftermath of the home invasion. “If you get robbed in a grocery store parking lot, it’s away from home. It’s a random threat. That’s one thing. But, when something happens in your home, in your personal space, it’s a different kind of violation that you feel. Because it’s home, it makes the space that you’re supposed to feel safe in threatening to you. You walk in your home and you’re supposed to feel relief, not anxiety. So, there’s going to have to be some work done, but we’re going to get through it.”

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