Lil Dicky Kicks A Freestyle With Comedy Without Sacrificing The Bars (Video)

This year, Lil Dicky took an Earth Day-themed song about saving the planet to the top of the charts. Even though the corresponding music video to “Earth” features Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ariana Grande, and a host of others, the Greater Philadelphia native is still very in touch with his Hip-Hop roots.

Dicky recently appeared on Sway In The Morning. There, the MC with several multi-platinum singles has a freestyle field day. It demonstrates David Burd’s masterful flow as well as his quirky, sometimes cutting sense of humor. Just as JAY-Z famously said about the duality between hustling and rapping, Lil Dicky balances comedy with Hip-Hop as well as anybody.

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After DJ Wonder drops a bouncy drum track, Lil Dicky drops a series of rewind-worthy couplets. “I’m in this b*tch like a f*tus / Ain’t no timelines when you’re timeless / Hold up, MJ, ’96 / Meaning I’m back on bullsh*t / You know I come hard like a full d*ck / Suburban and white, stay with some bread like some Cool Whip.” Involving props in his routine, he surprises Tracy G with a vase of flowers kept under the desk.

Synching his flow to the beat expertly, Dicky then turns to Sway. He stages a basketball foul and gives the host an imaginary set of free throw chances at the line. Moments later, he delivers another series of provocative bars. “I never need an advance / I’m switchin’ it up like I’m trans / Although I’m the Trojan man / I’m eating the p*ssy like cervical cancer.” Feeling himself, he adds, “I remember they thought I was Lonely Island / There will not be another like me / I could go viral if I put out a snippet / I’m sick like a cold, and you really could get it.” He plugs his show, before switching his delivery entirely and injecting melody to the delivery.

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In his lyrics, Lil Dicky confronts issues, albeit with blunt humor. “Am I James Worthy? / Look at my bars, I made off like Bernie / Aw, we havin’ fun! / Girls see me and start blushing just because I am around / I used to always get a b*ner at my physical, Sway / If this is cultural appropriation, what can I say?

Moments later, he raps, “I’m such an idiot / I used to cover R. Kelly songs at my shows without even knowing it was problematic / I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny / What I do? Act more Jewishly / Come on, Sway, write my eulogy / Am I lookin’ like I need to get a job? / Or, lookin’ like I need a bodyguard? / I play tennis with Leonard-o.” Reaching his rap climax, Dicky closes, “Don’t f*ck on planes, but I’m comin’ up / Add up my views to sum it up / I was just on SportsCenter, duh-dun-duh-dun / I think this is good, I’ve done enough / My haters look mad like, ‘Son of a!’ / Now let me go and finish up my album / Like Jussie Sm*llett, you know I’m gonna f*ck it up.

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With that, the MC puts on his trademark Hawaiian shirt and makes an exit. The upcoming LP will be a follow-up to 2015’s breakthrough, Professional Rapper.