Blimes Tells One Of The Best Method Man Stories Ever (Video)

San Francisco, California’s Blimes (fka Blimes Brixton) and Seattle, Washington’s Gifted Gab have only known each other for five years, but they have established the kind of bond that is much deeper than Rap. As B.A.G. (Blimes And Gab), the two recently performed at 2019 Soundset, one of their biggest shows to date. While in Minnesota, they spoke to AFH TV (currently available for all to watch) about their solo careers, work together, and some incredible music along the way.

One of the more poignant parts of the AFH TV interview was at around the 18:00 mark when Blimes describes how her 2018 “Hot Damn” collaboration with Method Man came about. For the independent MC, it was perfect timing amidst a challenging point in her career. “I had just changed my name [from ‘Oh Blimey’ to] to ‘Blimes,’ and I’d stepped away from Battle Rap, and I was realizing how hard it was to rebuild with a new name…I had built my whole thing around that persona; I had to completely rebuild from the ground-up. I was like, ‘I don’t know if I have it in me to keep going.'”

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At this point, fate gave Blimes an answer. “I got an email from a producer of a show called Drop The Mic on TBS, Jensen, and he was like, ‘Yo, Meth’ is a huge fan. He’s one of the producers on our show, he’s hosting this TV show, you’re one of his favorite battle rappers and we want you to come out and work on this TV show and meet Meth,'” Blimes recalls. “And so I went down to set in Hollywood, and it was at a time when I almost gave up. That was just the push to keep going.” She continues, “I met Meth,’ and he was literally across from the studio lot and he was like, ‘Blimey! Oh, Blimey!’ He began calling my name out and singing my son to me. And literally, I could have fallen on my knees if I didn’t hold it all together somehow because that was the moment-that Higher Power moment that was like, ‘Stay in the game.'”

The Staten Island O.G. and Wu-Tang Clan co-founder gave Blimes Brixton a major vow of support. “He was like, ‘I love your music. I love your battles. I’ve shown everyone I know your sh*t. It’s an honor to meet you.’ And I was like, ‘It’s an honor to me? Oh my God, it’s an honor to meet you, man: the G.O.A.T, Johnny Blaze.'” Blimes, who at the time was working on her album Castles (which was released this March), then described how much of a fan the Wu-Tang Clan MC was of her and put his fondness into action.

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“So he said, ‘Let me know if you ever need anything, if you ever need a feature.’ Then the next day, I called up all my brothers that produce my music – Lou Koo and Cambo – and I was like, ‘We have to get it, Meth’ just said, ‘Let me know when you need a feature.’ We’re striking while this iron is hot as hell,” she recalls. “We got in the studio and we wrote two songs. We wrote ‘The Policy,’ and we wrote ‘Hot Damn.’ We knew which one he would pick, but we gave him the option of both. It’s really been one of my only kinda phoned-in features, but so grateful that it happened. We’re more studio artists; we like to sit in with people. But I sent it to Meth,’ he chose ‘Hot Damn,’ and he sent me back a verse in like three weeks and he stayed true to his word.”

Blimes, who is the daughter of a professional Blues musician, continues, “I got a call when I was driving my dad’s tour bus on the East Coast. He was like, ‘Yo, I’m in L.A. for two weeks; let me know if you need anything. You want me to carry some equipment? You want me to hype you at a show? You want to shoot a video? Whatever you need.’ And he stayed true to his word, which is what so many people don’t do in this industry. He’s just such a great guy. We shot the video, did the song. I called him a couple of days ago, and he just reminded me that I’m strong and powerful, and that the world needs to hear me. To have people like that in this industry be that good is so rare and so amazing.” Both Gifted Gab and Blimes tell the cameras, “we love you, Meth’.”

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“Hot Damn” was released as a single and music video more than a year before Blimes dropped Castles, which also features Gifted Gab. Also during the interview, B.A.G. spoke about their hometown music scene, their bond, and even kicked an exclusive rhyme routine at the end. In April, Gab released Cause & Effect, an album that premiered at Ambrosia For Heads.

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