Page Kennedy Is An Elite Storyteller MC. His New Video Plays Out Like A Greek Tragedy

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Page Kennedy may be most recognized for his TV and film roles, online comedy videos, and advertising campaign appearances. However, he has always been a Hip-Hop Head. In the last few years, the Detroit, Michigan native has been out to show the masses that he’s a world class MC with lyrics to go. The Weeds and Blue Mountain State cast member released his debut album, Torn Pages, in 2017, which he followed up with two volumes of his Straight Bars mixtape series, and then his sophomore, Same Page, Different Story last Summer. Since then he has been dropping videos from his second album, including “I Can’t Love You,” “No Co-Sign,” and now “Baby With The Bath Water.”

Page has held his own on songs with noted lyricists like Elzhi, Cassidy, Royce 5’9, and KXNG Crooked, but he is at his best when kicking storytelling raps. This should come as no surprise, considering his success as an actor. On “Baby With The Bath Water,” he details the trials and tribulations of a next-door neighbor. The woman has a three-year-old son and seems to be raising him by herself. However, it turns out her husband is a professional basketball player who is constantly cheating on her and has no remorse for his actions. She turns to pills as well as alcohol, and falls into a deep depression. When she can’t take the infidelity and the ab*se any longer, this fed up housewife poisons her husband, her young son, and herself.

Page Kennedy’s Video Shows A Toxic Relationship & It’s All Too Real

“This is a fictional story passed off a past relationship going do a similar rode. I often like to take aspects of my life and wrote about them because there is nothing closer to the truth than your own experiences,” Page tells Ambrosia For Heads. Applying one of his talents (and passions) to another, the veteran (who crossed paths with Biggie Smalls in his youth) adds,  “I think the fact that I’m an actor helps bring these stories I create to life cause it’s what I do. I love stories. [William] Shakespeare is my favorite storyteller. So I think rapping and acting goes hand in hand, ’cause it’s all the same for me. I learned the art of storytelling from Ice Cube, Slick Rick, Biggie, Ice-T—and most recently, Eminem. It’s my favorite type of Rap.”

The video plays out exactly like the song, and by the time the woman kills her son and hugs his lifeless body, it’s hard not to be affected. The somber guest vocals by Alaina Renae and tense production by Mic West create the ideal sound-bed for Kennedy to tell this harrowing tale.