Page Kennedy’s Video Shows A Toxic Relationship & It’s All Too Real

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Page Kennedy dropped his Same Page, Different Story album back on August 10 and ever since, he’s been steadily supporting the release with visuals. Last month, the Detroit, Michigan MC released a video for his song “No Cosign” during which he described the stigma of being an actor who raps and claimed that he isn’t stepping into music just ’cause. Now, he’s dropping a new video from his latest album that tackles another issue in his personal life.

“I Can’t Love You” is one of the more vivid songs from Same Page…, and the video for it is what one might expect, but the execution is flawless. During the dimly lit visual, Page goes back-and-forth with a woman that he has been in a relationship with (who is played by New Orleans, Louisiana MC 3D Na’Tee, who is also featured). Within his lyrics, he describes how his past has harmed his ability to love women in the present.

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That’s right, you my safe place / I’m sorry, I don’t know how to placate,” he raps on the song. “I was never taught how to treat a woman / Only saw my dad when he beat a woman / And I don’t do that, so I cheat or somethin.’” Page also relays how his commitment issues make it challenging to love any woman.

“I try and pour my real life into my music. It’s a form of therapy for me. So there is nothing different in this song,” Page tells Ambrosia For Heads. “[This song] is a look into a previous relationship. I felt like I couldn’t love my partner the way she loved me or the way she deserved to have been loved. So needless to say, it became pretty ‘toxic.’ Sometimes it takes something very traumatic to actually break away from something. I called on the assistance of my favorite female rapper 3D Natee to work with me on this concept. I think we painted this portrait amazingly. This is my favorite song on the Same Page, Different Story album. 3D Natee also Directed this ‘Hip-Hopera.'”

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Page Kennedy also released his Straight Bars 2 mixtape in 2017. It features 10 tracks of bars galore and no outside features. He dropped his “Miss You” video as well that highlights social injustices, much like most of the music he puts out.

In addition to 3D, Same Page Different Story features Elzhi, Nick Grant, and ANoyd.