Logic Runs A Pharcyde Beat In A Freestyle Announcing He’s About To Be A Dad

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In May, Logic released Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. The MC/producer’s fifth album topped the charts, including appearances from Eminem, YBN Cordae, Wiz Khalifa. However, the 29-year-old refuses to touch the brakes, even with some very exciting family news to share.

Logic released “No Pressure Freestyle” today. The standalone video finds the Gaithersburg, Maryland representative delivering bars in front of a DJ. What’s more, he tackles the J Dilla-produced “Runnin'” instrumental for The Pharcyde.

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Ayo, I never had a car‚ that’s why I hate the f*cking bus / Took the 61 to Germantown and hear them guns bust / Call it static / Headphones on‚ it’s Illmatic / On my Rosa Parks, in the back, writin’ like B Rabbit,” begins Bobby. He references 8 Mile and Nas at once. A few bars later, he alludes that this moment is his sequel to 2014’s album and song of the same name, explaining the title. “Industry rule #4,081 / Your new sh*t ain’t good as your old sh*t / ‘Til your new sh*t is your old sh*t, son.

He continues weighing the value of relationships over fickle opinions about music. In doing so, Logic also speaks about a child. “In this sun, let me get some / I wear this 24 karat solid gold rollie for my son / As an heirloom, not for lookin’ dope as I rhyme / As a representation to give your family your time / Searchin’ for love in the industry you’ll be let down / They don’t love you ’til you dead and then they call you profound / That’s the truth / I’m close to the cliff, like Rick Dalton in the booth / Money ain’t the key to happiness and this the proof / Modern day rappers like a golden-era spoof / But a few of us resurging’ within a second, renaissance / And I know that my death give times / Keepin’ a legacy goin’ by flowin’ so involuntarily seamless / Me and my team is finally reapin’ what we been sowin’ like a seamstress.

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After plugging an upcoming tour with Cordae and J.I.D. in support of Confessions…, Logic ends the performance by telling the world, he’s “Killin’ sh*t like OJ, I’m rhymin’ like old Jay / Hip-Hop phenom, play arenas like I’m Coldplay / All day, we get it like that, we got it, got it, all day. Sinatra.” Then he adds, “And I’m havin’ a little baby. Surprise, it’s a little baby boy.” The MC says he will not let gossip sites break the news, following 2018’s incidents with Drake.

After a higher-profile divorce with Jessica Andrea in 2018, Logic is now engaged to Brittney Noell.

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Several Logic songs are currently on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.

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