Murs Details Making The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over With 9th Wonder (Video)

Over the past 15 years, Murs and 9th Wonder have made some of the best collaboration albums between an MC and a producer. These works have become standouts in their respected catalogs. In the mix of both men’s careers and personal lives, they carved out time to make The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over. On this reported final go-round for the pair, 9th also involved The Soul Council (the collective including Khrysis, Nottz, Eric G, AMP, Kash and E. Jones), as well as his daughter, JDEAFBEATS.

In a recent conversation with AFH TV (currently available for anyone to view), Murs explains the importance of turning the page from 2018’s A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable into some new ground. Asked about possibly requiring extra attention to shifting between the album themes, Murs says, “I never think; I just—to my detriment, sometimes—go. Whatever was gonna come out was gonna come out. I usually just let the music speak. What I went through before Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable was so deep; I didn’t consciously go into [the album planning to address it]. I just knew when I poked the balloon—to me, I’m full of ideas and inspiration, thank God. The beat kinda just pokes the balloon; whatever comes out, comes out. I told Strange [Music], ‘If we poke the balloon this time… if you don’t want this to come out…’ They were like, ‘Go for it.’ So that’s all I had over the process of what I was goin’ through.” Around the 18:00 mark, Murs admits that although he was thoughtful, he may have been uninspired for the 2018 LP. Murs thanks his wife for taking care of their newborn to allow him to record the 2019 LP, where he felt far more inspired.

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Traveling from Los Angeles to North Carolina to record, Murray details the food, the artistry, and his close bonds with 9th, as well as Jamla artists Rapsody and Reuben Vincent. Specifically, he charges that the Grammy-nominated Rapsody (who appears on the album) has challenged her label-mates to work harder. “There were so many people in line before Rap’, as far as Jamla was concerned. She just stuck to her craft and stuck around. Whatever [things happened where] other MCs moved out of the way or whatever, [it became] her time. [9th Wonder] never pushed Rap’ above anyone else; she pushed herself above everything,” Murs says around the 16:30 mark. “And now, all of them have seen that, and they all work just as hard.” He also speaks about fitting in with that Jamla family that he’s been involved with since its infancy. He says he looked at those brothers and sisters during recording this LP. “I’m using your time. You could be in here recording [so] I gotta make sure what I’m doing is gonna be f*cking dope. I came to North Carolina for a vibe, and I got that vibe from them.”

Additionally, the co-founder of The Living Legends and Felt opens up about what makes him unique as a human. He speaks about hesitancy to become a voice in the Hip-Hop media—even as people like Method Man received his jewels. Murs also discusses the complications that come from externalized storytelling, where he puts himself in the shoes of characters in verse. He also offers wisdom on running a business, how to treat women, and why he enjoys giving his kids the things he could not afford as a child. Locksmith also makes a couple of cameo appearances in the conversation.

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Murs is not a cookie-cutter MC, and his devoted fans love him for it. He is just as original of a human being, which he makes clear in discussing his upbringing and views.

In addition to this new conversation, there are other interviews with Murs, 9th Wonder, Rapsody, and many more available in the AFH TV library. We are currently offering free 7-day trial subscriptions.

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Press photograph by Edgar “Macksimo” Medina provided by Murs.