Alchemist & Evidence Reunite The Step Brothers & Bring Big Bars To Calabasas

In 2009, Los Angeles area representatives Alchemist and Evidence of the Dilated Peoples joined forces to combine their deft skills in the booth and on the boards as the dynamic duo, Step Brothers. Underneath the umbrella of the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Rhymesayers label, the Step Brothers released their first joint record, Lord Steppington, in 2014. The featured Fashawn, Blu, Styles P, Roc Marciano, Domo Genesis, and frequent collaborator, Action Bronson.

Five years removed from Evidence and Alan The Chemist’s full-length collaborative debut, the Step Brothers are back in action with a brand new cut from the vault. With their latest track, “Burnt Tree,” EV and Alchemist link up with video directors, The Digggers, along the hillsides of L.A. county’s Calabasas for their latest visual workshop. Over a hazy, droning instrumental from Alchemist, Evidence and Al spit slow and smooth, smoking herb and the mic with slow drawn, SoCal swagger.

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To open, The Alchemist spits hot smoke, “Ayo, rubba-dubba-dub and two peas in a bucket / Drink from a dirty Thermos and swing like Kirby Puckett / Out the box, coming from the Boondocks like ‘Uncle Ruckus’ / Get smacked where the sun don’t shine right on the tookus / I’m in the wood-grains, open the Cutlass / Blowing out a cloud look like smoke from a muffler / I’m in the house all up in the walls in the structure / Arms waving in a ‘W’ shape like a conductor.

As the sun sets in the background, Evidence follows post haste, “When I was 12, I realized I would die / I sat up in my bed all night and cried / When I woke the next day seen the pain had all faded / Fitted like pieces of puzzles, complicated / One for the mic two for the MP / Cutting off the light, but keeping on the beat / I serve channels while I’m walking on the street / Bogged on when I’m walking on the hard concrete / Ayo, Cali’ get the money, snitches get the ditches / Never sunny, never puddles under bridges / These dudes is b*tches / Drinking L.A. river water hitting switches / And the whip considered classic give the foreign to the misses / Two birds shot, wash my hands while I do the dishes / Chucking pennies, making wishes / Right through the fishes / On my business so it’s good to have an alias / And I’m still f*cking high from doing dabs on Ancient Aliens.

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Limited edition vinyl for the “Burnt Tree” record are available for pre-order. Early last year, Ev’ released Weather Or Not, voted the best album of 2018 by Ambrosia For Heads readers.