Jadakiss Confirms An Unreleased Concept Song Where He & Big Pun Battled (Video)

Jadakiss has amassed an incredible discography over the last 25 years. Along that journey, the LOX and D-Block member has shared the mic with some of the greats, including JAY-Z, DMX, Nas, Royce 5’9, Eminem, and Scarface, to name a few. Recently, ‘Kiss appeared on Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed’s show at REAL 92.3 LA. There, he discussed his all-star past, his upcoming solo album, and some upcoming collaborations, including Pusha-T.

Early in the conversation (8:00), Bootleg Kev uncovers an unreleased concept song. Kev asks, “Yo, what about this song, an unreleased song that I know exists that was supposed to be on [DJ] Green Lantern’s album with you and [Big] Pun battling?”

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Jadakiss responds, “Me and Pun having a fake, friendly battle? I think Green is waiting to Rushmore that song too. I only heard it like one time.” Kev interjects, “I’ve been telling [DJ Green Lantern] ’cause he’s got it! He’s still got it! I’m like, ‘Bro, why you still holding on to this record?'” Then Kev adds some additional context and wants to know more. “For people who don’t know, obviously there is going to be a Green Lantern album, and you and Pun were on a record fake-battling, like you said. Was that something that you recorded together, like in-studio? Can you even remember? ‘Cause I know it’s been so long.”

Jadakiss replies, “Now, I remember Green coming to me with the idea then. I ain’t sure if Pun did it. Pun laid a little piece of it to show me how he wanted it. ‘Cause I’m like, ‘What do you mean I’m battling Pun? I can’t battle Pun; that’s my dog.’ [DJ Green Lantern] like, ‘Nah it’s a friendly, it’s a song for an idea that I got.’ So, I think he sent me a couple bars of Pun, and that made it easy for us to do it because I seen the angle he was coming, and I was able to keep it on a line, a friendly brotherhood.”

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Jadakiss had a longstanding relationship with Big Pun and other members of Terror Squad. Alongside fellow T.S. member Fat Joe, Pun went on to work with ‘Kiss for Joey Crack’s Don Cartagena album and the hit single, “John Blaze.” That same year, Jada’ and Pun found themselves on yet another classic record with Noreaga and his 1998 N.O.R.E. single, “Banned From TV,” with Cam’ron, Nature, and Styles P.

While Green Lantern has partnered with dead prez, Styles, Benny The Butcher, and others for albums, he has never formally released an official album outside of his legendary mixtape catalog. In the last month, Jadakiss released video single “ME,” along with a LOX appearance on a Sheek Louch album.

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#BonusBeat: Jadakiss – “ME” Live Session for Vevo: