Conway Details Nearly Losing His Life & Rap Dream (Video)

Just under three weeks ago (November 29), Griselda released their debut collaborative album on Shady Record, WWCD. The trio comprised of Buffalo, New York rappers Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, and Benny The Butcher released their first LP as a unit. WWCD arrived on Eminem’s Shady Records imprint and featured 50 Cent as well as a new, crew-love remix of Conway and Em’s “Bang.”

To celebrate the release, Griselda has been unveiling a documentary series about WWCD‘s creation. Two weeks ago, viewers got an inside look at the-come up of Griselda as a group and their deep, ongoing ties to Buffalo. Last week, the spotlight was given to WWCD producers, Daringer and Beat Butcha. Griselda’s in-house mastermind and the hit-maker for Beyoncé, JAY-Z, and Drake teamed to honor the GxFR grit, without relying on any samples. This week, in the third documentary installment, “May Street,” Griselda focuses the spotlight on Conway.

Daringer & Beat Butcha Detail Producing Griselda’s Album Without Samples (Video)

At the start of the documentary, Conway details surviving gunshots to his head, his neck, and shoulder in 2012. These life-threatening injuries permanently affecting his body, and preventing him from being able to control the right side of his face. He showed these wounds on 2015’s Reject 2 album, one of the many releases that Griselda used on its grind to prominent recognition. In the doc, he tells the cameras: “It was harder to talk and do anything, as far as my body… But that made me go much more harder, ’cause I ain’t much to do but to think of raps and sh*t, just think about the comeback.” Con’ was making waves via a mixtape circuit, grinding and promoting his own music on the streets before the shooting occurred. The time he took to recover was used to sharpen his craft, and obviously, the rapper is thankful. “So, to see [Griselda] coming up, to unfold the ways it’s unfolding, and as fast as I’m floating, and the love that I’m getting… I remember crying in the mirror, real sh*t, I remember crying and looking at the mirror, like, ‘Look at me, man.'”

The documentary then shifts to Conway in the studio alongside his Rap partners, Westside Gunn and Benny The Butcher, showing off the rapper’s writing and recording process while sporting a Prodigy t-shirt. He notes that the last time all three rappers have been able to work together was 2016, as the trio had focused on their respective solo careers since their initial breakthrough successes. The Machine details his time spent in the studio: “I’m just locked in and focused on the process. I’m just excited to see the end-game when we get to the finish line when this sh*t all said and done. What have we accomplished? How much history and groundbreaking sh*t we did. That’s the exciting part to me, ’cause that’s what we been doing so far, and we’re gonna continue doing it.”

Westside Gunn, Conway & Benny Will Never Compromise The Griselda Sound (AFH TV Video)

Although many fans have learned of Conway’s greatness in the last two years, the work goes back quite a ways. “You gotta understand, Conway was the illest n*gga in Buffalo,” Westside Gunn says about his brother and Hall N Nash partner. Notably, the Griselda artists are now managed by JAY-Z’s Roc Nation. “Conway was like the JAY-Z of Buffalo, like for real. Can’t nobody f*ck with him.”

Earlier this year, Conway released E.I.F.3 (Everybody Is F.O.O.D. 3) and Look What I Became.

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AFH TV recently interviewed Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, and Benny The Butcher about the album and the Griselda movement. There is also a separate Plugs I Met conversation with Benny. We are currently offering free 7-day trials.

Songs by Conway, Griselda, as well as Conway features with Skyzoo & Pete Rock, Smoke DZA & Pete Rock, and Jericho Jackson (Elzhi & Khrysis) are currently on the official Ambrosia For Heads Playlist.