Flying Lotus & Denzel Curry Make A Video As Bold And Symbolic As Their Collabo

Flying Lotus is widely known for his insane visuals and his genre-bending creativity. But with “Black Balloons Reprise,” his newest video, which features Denzel Curry, Brainfeeder’s brainchild admitted to doing something he’s not really known to do: giving up control.

“Honestly, [‘Black Balloons Reprise’] is the first video I kinda let go of control on,” he shared with HipHopDX‘s Kyle Eustice. “Every other video I’ve done I had been super involved with, so it was kinda fun to see what someone would do without my influence.”

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Directed by Jack Begert (“Hair Down,” “Numb Numb Juice”), “Black Balloons Reprise” is abstract in execution and vivid in form. The visually captivating black-and-white effort channels elements of Stephen King’s It with a freshly-shorn Denzel popping up in various locations throughout Los Angeles, California. Shapes shift, balloons explode to black dust, and Denzel morphs between good and evil, all in real-time.

Inspired by the South Florida wunderkind’s standout cut “BLACK BALLOONS” from his ’18 TA13OO album, Denzel re-hashes the pain that comes with living in a challenging time for America and the rigors of this harsh life.

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In the closing sequence, Flying Lotus lifts up his sweatshirt to reveal a Mac Miller t-shirt. The two artists were really close, having worked together on 2013’s “S.D.S.” Mac’s passing from an overdose five years later—compelled FlyLo to reincarnate himself in a way that impacted his sixth album, Flamagra, directly.

“Mac Miller’s passing was a little bit different,” FlyLo said in a recent interview with NPR Music‘s Rodney Carmichael. “When he passed, Thundercat was supposed to go on tour with him. [Thundercat] and I planned on not working for a while because he was going to be gone, so we were going to try and blitz and get a couple of things done. But then Mac passed, and he couldn’t do this tour anymore, and I was thinking about when Mac was alive. What Mac would want — instead of us being all emotional about it, sad and just sitting here being pissed — he would want us to just go. So that’s what happened.”

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Utilizing a flip from Madlib’s incredible Quasimoto’s instrumental, “Come On Feet,” “Black Balloons Reprise” completes the final chapter of the trilogy, which also includes Curry’s own “BLACK BALLOONS” and “THE BLACKEST BALLOON” cuts.

Flamagra also features Anderson .Paak, George Clinton, Tierra Whack, and Solange, among others.