A New Documentary Shows Kevin Hart’s Flaws With Brutal Honesty (Video)

As the globe’s highest-grossing comedian, Kevin Hart’s private life during his superstardom has not always been a laughing matter. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native has been covered in the spotlight for multiple infidelities, alcoholism, controversial remarks and media, and, most recently, a near-fatal automobile accident. In response to each of these incidents, Hart confronts them just like he’s done with his haters: head-on, especially in revealing interviews on platforms like The Breakfast Club and Sway In The Morning.

Now Kevin Hart is confronting his private life in a new way. A six-part series premieres on Netflix this Friday, December 27. The series is called Don’t F*ck This Up.

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A two-minute trailer has been released. It shows his 2018 Oscar-hosting order behind the scenes. Hart speaks about how growing up in Philly molded his confidence and tireless work ethic. From media to fans, the clip shows Hart receiving criticism for his personal missteps and others accusing him of losing his edge with the microphone.

Hart’s wife and members of his team are interviewed. The trailer shows that they speak freely, from the humiliation of the comedian’s actions. Clips show Hart arguing during a card game, a physical altercation, verbal confrontations, and more. Family archival footage is also included.