Redman Explains Why He’s The 11th Member Of Wu-Tang Clan (Video)

Redman and Method Man have one of the strongest bonds in Hip-Hop. The pair toured together during the mid-1990s, organized by their then-label, Def Jam Records. Out of that orchestrated chemistry, a relationship grew that led to two albums, a theatrical film, and hundreds of concert appearances.

However, Redman’s history with Wu-Tang Clan predates the “How High?” era. In a new The Real Ones interview conducted by Datwon Thomas, Reggie Noble discusses his earlier origins with the Wu, and just how they began. Additionally, Funk Doc declares that he feels like the 11th member of the Clan, coming after the nine founders and later addition, Cappadonna.

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After speaking about building a bond with Meth’, Datwon mentions that Wu-Tang Clan treated Redman as their own. “The whole Wu-Tang embraced you because of that partnership with Meth’ to the point where you’re like a member of Wu now.” Reggie clarifies, “Well, let’s get it right: Wu-Tang embraced me back in ’92 when I did the Phat Jam [campaign] with Russell Simmons. Wu-Tang first came out with ‘Protect Ya Neck,’ and when I first seen those guys and heard that song, I lost my mothaf*ckin’ mind. I was like, ‘Yo, these ni**as are incredible!’ Because they reminded me of what I was missing, because of the Hit-Squad breaking up.” In the early 1990s, EPMD’s temporary breakup dissolved the collective, including Red, Das-EFX, K-Solo, and others.

Continuing, Red’ says, “The Phat Jamz joint was me, ONYX, Sweet T, [and others]. [Wu-Tang Clan] embraced me when my intro music was ‘Protect Ya Neck.'” The Real Ones has VHS footage from the ’90s concert confirming Redman’s account. “You gotta understand, when ‘Protect Ya Neck’ came out, them ni**as was still in the hood—just like I was; I ain’t get out the hood ’til my third album, my ni**a. I was in the projects on Muddy Waters. Everybody know—near Queensbridge: Woodside Projects. I was still in the projects, on the first floor—and you know the first floor is real hard to live on: big rats and roaches down there.” Wu-Tang related to the Newark, New Jersey native MC/producer who kept it rugged and raw. “When they saw [their song] playing on a Russell Simmons/Def Jam platform, [they were ecstatic]. Meth’ told me this [later], ‘Ever since then, the brothers embraced you.'”

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He affirms, “I’m proud to say that I’m like the 11th member.” He continues, “Even when I work with the Wu-Tang or do songs with the Wu-Tang, I never ask for money; I never [do it to] get a check or anything. I do it for the love, and I did a lot of work for Wu-Tang.” Datwon points out that Red’ opens 2017’s The Saga Continues, extending a group LP relationship that dates back to the third album, The W. “I feel I’m a member, and they feel I’m a member, and I’m definitely a rider. At the end of the day, they’re my brothers. I never asked for a dime; I never want a dime because I just feel privileged to be part of a super-group, gettin’ that love that I miss.”

Speaking of super-groups, Redman talks in-depth about his relationship with Erick Sermon. “I came into the game with Erick Sermon, I’m going out with Erick Sermon,” the artist says. Recently, E-Double confirmed to the 808 Crate Podcast that he had been estranged from the yet-unreleased Muddy Waters 2 album, unaware of its status. Previously, Sermon said he was reprising his role as album executive producer to the sequel to the 1996 LP.

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The interview also includes Funk Doc revealing that he and K-Solo share the same birthday. The two men are closer than some of Red’s blood relatives. He also says that he DJ’d for Solo and Das EFX ahead of his solo Rap career.

Earlier this year, Redman released video single “Trap House,” featuring fellow Brick City MC Kazzie.

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