Redman Is Slapping People Like His Rhymes Slap Beats (Video)

2019 was a quiet year for the legendary MC known as Redman, but the Funk Doctor Spock isn’t letting the new decade start off the same way. Known as one of the greatest to ever bless the microphone, Reggie Noble dropped off a quick three-song project simply titled 3 Joints, which is meant to tide listeners over while the “Muddy Waters Too Movement” continues to build up steam. Within his latest release, “Slap Da Sh*t Outcha” is a brief, yet satisfying appetizer that reminds those who don’t know just why the Gilla House founder is still the man.

In the song, Red’ uses his penchant for storytelling to explain to listeners just what would make him tell us what the five fingers say to the face. In the video, the viewer sees fans all asking for something from the Hip-Hop legend—everything from asking him for his stash of herb to begging for bucks. Although a nice guy in real life, this Reggie isn’t here for it—at all. It is hard not to laugh and nod your head along to the synth-heavy beat thanks to his cleverly placed smacking effects, which are equally distributed as percussion throughout the song.

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With “Slap Da Sh*t Outcha,” the Brick City veteran MC/producer sticks to what we know and love him for: hilarious and infectious bars. As someone who can be in the room with the JAY-Z’s and Nas’s of the game to still get grimy with the have-nots, Redman has a balance in Hip-Hop that most people would love to have.

Last month, Redman and VIBE‘s Editor-in-Chief Datwon Thomas conducted a special Real Ones episode interview. In the conversation, Reggie explained why he feels as though he’s the 11th member of the Wu-Tang Clan. The MC/producer also discussed why he’s worked as a backstage hand volunteer at Governor’s Ball. Additionally, he spoke about his current relationship with Erick Sermon. Time will tell if 2020 is the year for Muddy Waters Too. In the meantime, one of Rap’s best video creators adds to his exceptional visual catalog.

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New music from Redman’s 3 Joints is currently on the official Ambrosia For Heads Playlist.