Lute Says If J. Cole Made It, There’s No Telling How Far HE Can Go (Video)

On the video single “Under The Sun” from Dreamville’s 2019 acclaimed Revenge Of The Dreamers III album, Charlotte, North Carolina native Lute smashed the second verse, sandwiched between the high-profile home-state likes of J.Cole and DaBaby. Now with a new single titled “G.E.D. (Gettin Every Dolla),” Lute continues to show that he is a top-shelf MC, with or without the assistance.

Tired of hearing, ‘I can’t wait ‘til you blow,‘” Lute raps, calling into court his multiple features on Dreamville mixtapes, not to mention his stellar, under-the-radar (by some) 2017 album West1996 Pt. 2. This new song has been in Lute’s tuck for some time. At last spring’s Dreamville Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina last spring, fans heard Lute performing “G.E.D.” for the first time (2:10).

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Now with an accompanying visual, a solo Lute (who has been managed for years by Little Brother’s Rapper Big Pooh) commands attention as the camera dollies back, exposing the MC on a horse. At the same time, stuffy elders look on in a combination of awe and disgust. It’s here that Lute reflects on his come-up and admiration for his mentor, referencing breakthrough mixtape The Warm Up. “Ni**as used to bump The Warm Up by Cole / My ni**a used to warm the house with the stove / Sh*t, if he made it out of this b*tch, ain’t no telling where my talent can go / Skinny ni**a from the 4 / used to battle-rap ni**as for bread when I’m bored,” he raps. Signed to Dreamville since 2015, Lute went on tour with Cole in 2017, and then with J.I.D. and EarthGang later that year.

All this money talk isn’t exactly one-sided though. Still, while wearing a gold chain and a graduation cap, Lute spits his most poignant line of the track: Who gives a damn what it’s worth, a U-Haul don’t follow no hearse.

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The visual for “G.E.D.” comes full circle with Lute on a gold-encrusted bike, stationed in a sunset lit lemon grove. While people behind him float up and out of frame, Lute resolves the song with a final line: “’Cause where I’m at ni**as see they self / Don’t be mad bruh, just be yourself.”

Dreamville’s ROTD3 was named among 2019’s best albums by Ambrosia For Heads. Music by Lute is currently on the Official AFH Playlist.