Method Man Brings The Heat With Papoose & RJ Payne

Method Man will celebrate 30 years since making his professional music debut on wax in less than a year. However, the Wu-Tang Clan legend remains incredibly active with music and pursuit of perfection. Iron Lung released the latest look from his upcoming Meth Lab 3, “Butterfly Effect.” This one features RJ Payne, a hard-nosed Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MC who has worked with some of the same key figures Meth has: Erick Sermon, Redman, and Inspectah Deck. Even with a chart-topping major-label career, Meth’ has always paid close attention to Hip-Hop’s battle circuits and underground—advocating for artists ranging from DOOM and Sean Price to Blimes Brixton and CZARFACE.

“Butterfly Effect,” appearing on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist (embedded below) and coming to video, opens with Method Man rapping: “Thirty-for-thirty, my jersey dirty, my crew back / I shoot a thirty like Stephen Curry, my shoes wack / So locomotive, you lose track, confuse facts / You thinking Kodak, but with more thought as two Blacks / Standing ovation gets you clapped / Debating most these backpacking rappers, got two straps / My cadence half Meth’, half amazing, that’s two facts / And laymans got these women’s intuition like you snack / I’m OJ out of prison, the juice back / I moved to Green Bay just to move packs / Same way I used the system, I use rap.” On a low-key beat, Method Man gets cozy and puts his feet on the competition.

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RJ makes his guest shot count, spitting compound bars and punchline that shine alongside Method Man: “Check the message, ni**a, I got the method from Clifford Smith / Invested in getting rich, this as definite as it gets / Every bar’s f*cking majestic, suggest you should hit your spliff / F*ck with my respect, get shuffled out the deck / My brain chemistry can change history, now that’s the butterfly effect / I muffled out the tech, don’t make me pull this duffel out for rep / For trouble, I’ll protect, the doctor pull a couple out your neck, woo / Public figures, my budget bigger / Climb the level, I’m Geppetto, it’s too many puppet ni**as / Nothing bigger than my love for the culture / Don’t touch the trigger, slugs’ll fly, sing you a lullaby, plus I deliver.”

This month, Method Man also appeared in another noteworthy visual. He joined fellow New Yorker Papoose for “Heat 7,” a 2021 song that was a highlight within Pap’s 12-album feat. This one belongs to September, a collection also featuring Large Professor production on “Cold Winter,” with Passport Gift.

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On a weeping Soul sample, Method Man spits: “This is all bidness / No card limit, black car tinted, I put y’all in this / Search and it hurts them cars rented / When the God spit it, like SARS with it, you’ll all get it / Call these bars sick as last caught with it, your bars tendered / Soft, winded, just take off end it, I’m offended / 59 fifty, I’m authentic, ’cause y’all fitted / Bars, twice as hard as them park benches my palm itching / Y’all picking sides, this is suicide, we squad different / I’m Scott Pippen, nice around mics, my palm grippin’ / ‘Nother palm is liftin’ my Charles Dickens now, pause, listеn / You think the ball slippin’ / No vacation, you think the ball trippin’ / Conversation, look at thе boy drippin’ / No competition, I put the comp into composition.” Like RJ, Pap’ matches that energy. “Hate when New York go against New York / It make me vexed we lose either way / It’s like when the Yankees play the Mets / Spit fire like Ghostface, U-God, Rae or Meth’ / My pen deadly as Jigsaw, playin’ the game of death / The Criminal Minded album cover strap like KRS / The basketball tournament trophy winner, I pay the reps / I bear perfection, both hands are treacherous, I’m ambidextrous / You can’t out-grind or outshine me with a fancy necklace / My aura can’t be mess with, I’m cocking fullies dropping bullies, rockin’ hoodies, poppin’ woolies right on the benchy reckless / Got trust funds for my loved ones, my family precious / My crown’s barking more than Charles Bronson / This can’t be death wish.

Last month, Clifford Smith won an NAACP Image Award for “Outstanding Actor In A Drama Series” on Power Book II: Ghost.

RJ Payne released shared his If Cocaine Could Talk 7 album, which features Ice-T. Papoose closed out his 12-album 2021 with December, featuring wife Remy Ma, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Russ, 2 Chainz, and Lil Wayne.

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