Nick Grant Shows Why He Is One Of The Best Freestylers Of His Generation

South Carolina’s Nick Grant has been one of the most promising MCs to burst on the scene over the last five or so years. His major-label debut, Return Of The Cool, was a praiseworthy release back in 2017. Since then, Grant put his career on the independent route, where he has remained prolific, including last year’s impressive Carolina Diaries four-pack. At the top of 2022, he released Welcome To Loveland, a full-length.

One of Nick’s calling cards has always been his freestyle. Nearing ’22’s halfway mark, Grant visits the L.A. Leakers show to demonstrate his prowess. It marks his third visit, in what the show hosts compare to a hockey hat-trick. Having impressed the masses with #41 back in 2018, the MC returns 100 freestyles later to bless #141.

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Over Nas’ “Wu For The Children” instrumental (produced by Hit-Boy). “I’m from where ni**as feed a planet but the flowers don’t bloom / Shame when my friends saw my parents fight after school / I just looked up to the sky when ni**as stared at my blues / It made me insecure, why I wasn’t controlling these rooms / Project ni**a starvin’, I just see hope in this pantry / Relationships gonna always fold if there’s no understanding / Yeah, that’s a quote from my granny / That was my heart, that was my rock, and I took her for granted / You fall in love with these streets, you’s a hopeless romantic.

Moments later, he continues, “This is how you flow when you lived through sh*t / A lot of ni**as came and went, but I’m still the sh*t / A lot of movies in the makin’, ni**a, film that sh*t / I box ’em in with these quotes like a yearbook pic / Competition, who? Tell ’em don’t get involved / Cocaine-killa flow, one size fittin’ all / All them styles I got, they prayin’ a ni**a fall / Home of the skinny ni**as that shop at the Big N’ Tall.

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The beat switches to Lil Wayne and Jae Millz’ “D*ck Pleaser” instrumental (as produced by Lil Jon). Pulling up his hoodie, Grant raps, “I’m timeless, just survivin’ through them sucka trends / I’m back jumpin’ like the younger Vince / Who let the haters in the lovers’ den? / Where triggers squeeze and they hug the strip / I’m Gucci, ni**a, please don’t attempt / That mean I got the G’s in this b*tch / The big boy, ain’t no lil’ C’s in this b*tch / I pass through, like I lead the league in assists / It’s goin’ up like ‘George’ and ‘Weezy’ in this b*tch / It’s mapped out in case one of these ni**as trip / I feel like Yeezy with a sample, like how I make it flip.” In the closing moments, Nick seals the deal: “Somehow I chose integrity over your likes-show / I had to be in before the spark of the light pole / Never have I stood on tables of label execs / ‘Cause everything ain’t ’bout your money, just pay with a check.” He then emphasizes his independence while stressing why he’s a world-class MC.