Page Kennedy, Elzhi & Nick Grant Hold A Master Class In Storytelling (Audio)

In 2017, Detroit’s Page Kennedy released Torn Pages. Featuring Royce 5’9, KXNG Crooked, Elzhi, Mr. Porter, Kuniva, Marsha Ambrosious and others, it was an intimate breakthrough from an MC who openly tackled heavy topics like police violence, sex addiction and more. Since then, his independent releases have been robust and sometimes explosive. He responded to JAY-Z’s “The Story of O.J.” and unloaded 11 tracks of Straight Bars with a mixtape also featuring Elzhi and KXNG Crooked, plus Cassidy and King Los. Now, the rapper and screen star is announcing his next chapter and it’s two-fold: he’s got a new album and a new film on the way.

Same Page Different Story arrives August 10 and is, according to Page, “a hybrid of the classic art form of Rap.” When I put Torn Pages out, I had a lot to say and I wanted to say it in the most barred-up way possible. But that’s like someone screaming at you the whole time in an argument,” he says. This time, he’s approaching his lyricism with more of a focus on storytelling and musicianship. “Sometime its better to have a variety of tactics to make your point. I learned that in the form of melody; Same Page Different Story has much more melody in the music.”

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That approach is evident on “On In A Million,” a song featuring Page’s longtime friend/collaborator Elzhi, plus Epic Records’ Nick Grant and Connecticut MC, ANoyd. The four distinct styles offer up the aforementioned variety with no shortage of lyricism. It came to fruition in an unorthodox fashion. “This track came from Twitter,” explains Page. “I posed the question ‘What would a song with Elzhi, Nick Grant and ANoyd sound like?’ and the response was very positive.” The result is a collection of ravenous verses from a group of gifted writers, each of whom take great care in technique. “It’s good to have real MCs take fans on the scenic route sometimes,” says Page.

Same Page Different Story includes guest appearances from New Orleans, Louisiana MC 3D Na’Tee, Tish Hyman and plenty of comedic skits. Also on August 10 comes the release of The Meg, in which Page Kennedy co-stars with Jason Statham.